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Chapter 376: Long Way to Go

Xia Qinghan could not smile.

Although Xia Xibei didn’t scold her, it was more vicious than a scolding!

To be honest, the most injured person in this matter was Xia Qinghan, while the person who benefited the most was Xia Xibei. Since Tang Luo kept a low profile and was not willing to accept any interviews, everyone’s focus shifted to the two of them.

Now, people were more aware of Xia Xibei. After all, she was the school beauty!

As for Xia Qinghan, whether she was innocent or not, she was no match for Xia Xibei.

So Xia Xibei didn’t really need to be sad and upset. The one who should be upset was Xia Qinghan.

Xia Xibei’s “apology” seemed like a knife that was fiercely thrust into Xia Qinghan’s chest, making her almost vomit blood.

Thinking that she had spent so much time and only ended up doing that work for Xia Xibei, Xia Qinghan didn’t even know what to say.

However, feeling the gossiping eyes of the surrounding crowd, no matter how angry she was, she had to hold back.

Moreover, Bai Meixue had also told her that she must deal with this matter. Otherwise, it would certainly affect her development afterwards!

Yesterday, after this matter became a big deal, it alarmed Bai Meixue and her family.

Xia Qinghan’s parents and elder brother were in the capital. They knew that Xia Qinghan was working as a trainee, and they also had many instructions for her.

With this matter in such a state, they were also very anxious.

Had Xia Qinghan not patted her chest and assured them that there was a misunderstanding here, one that would be resolved soon, they might have rushed back.

Bai Meixue was also angry. If Xia Qinghan had always dominated, it would be quite good. But who would have thought that things would suddenly turn out like this?!

Although the evidence on Tang Luo’s side was not sufficient, and Xia Qinghan was not the main instigator, Xia Qinghan could not be involved with such things!

Therefore, Bai Meixue asked Xia Qinghan to make sure to apologize to Xia Xibei.

Whether Xia Xibei accepted it or not, she had to make a gesture. This way, others would forgive her too.

But Xia Qinghan didn’t think that Xia Xibei would say these heart-wrenching things!

“It’s good that you’re not angry.”

Xia Qinghan’s expression twitched a few times before finally squeezing out an embarrassed smile.

“I’m really not mad at you!” Xia Xibei shrugged. “After all, I have nothing to lose! Besides, my popularity has gone up quite a bit, so that’s good!”

After saying that, she took two steps and came up to Xia Qinghan’s ear, whispering, “Besides, you worked so hard to help me become famous. How could I be angry?”

Xia Qinghan’s eyes widened and her expression was horrified.

Without waiting for her to speak, Xia Xibei straightened her body and laughed, “As for the truth of the matter, it will be left to the police to deal with. We have hired a lawyer on our side and have launched a complaint against Li Yulin. I believe the matter will soon have a result.”

Although online public opinion was no longer a problem, this matter was not over. At the very least, Li Yulin could not be so easily spared.

As for Zhang Yiqi and Xia Qinghan, they didn’t think they could be defeated this time.

But it’s okay, there was a long way to go!

“Well, it’s about time. We should get back to class.” Xia Xibei snapped her fingers and raised an eyebrow at them.

However, she had just taken one step when she stopped once again.

She approached Liu Zhijing, who was staring angrily at her. She hooked the corners of her mouth upwards and said in a cold voice, “You seem to have made a lot of effort in this matter, right? But… You seem to have forgotten that the sh*t on your own ass has not been wiped clean, right?”

After saying that, she finally walked away, leaving Liu Zhijing horrified.

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