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Chapter 368: Calling for a Fight

Qiao Yanjue realized he had said the wrong thing and hurriedly explained, “I mean, since you’re so astute, can’t you tell who likes you?”

Xia Xibei’s heart flashed with a strange feeling, but she meekly shook her head, “I can’t tell.”

Qiao Yanjue was left speechless.

She justified, “No one has confessed to me, so how would I know?”

“Didn’t you just say you could tell?” Qiao Yanjue gritted his teeth.

“Don’t you know? Those experienced relationship experts who seem to know so much about emotions are actually new to relationships.”

Xia Xibei did not blush.

“Who decided that those who understand other people’s feelings must also understand their own feelings? Besides, I’m a spectator! If I were involved, I’d be lost too!”

Qiao Yanjue didn’t know what to say. This made so much sense, he was actually speechless.

However, it also showed that Xia Xibei really had very little experience in this area.

“Well, you get some rest. We’ll talk about it tomorrow when you get back.”

Xia Xibei did not continue the conversation, just ending the topic.

“Alright then, you get an early rest too.” Qiao Yanjue nodded, “Oh yeah, congratulations on your first place in the competition.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll take you to dinner to celebrate when I get back.”


After ending the call, Xia Xibei touched her chest, where she was having a little difficulty breathing, and frowned.

When the two of them were facing each other before, it was quite normal, so why was it a bit weird today?

Looking around, it dawned on her: she forgot to open the window! No wonder it was so stuffy!

On the other end, after hanging up the phone, Qiao Yanjue didn’t immediately rest, dialing Mo Bonan’s number instead.

“Mr. Qiao?”

Mo Bonan was very confused. It was almost midnight, so why was he calling him? Were they that close in private?

“Did you know about what happened to Tang Luo?”

“Little Luo?” Mo Bonan frowned, “What’s wrong with him?”

“And you say he’s your brother! Is that how much you care about him?” Qiao Yanjue didn’t mince words in his mockery.

His odd tone made Mo Bonan’s eyes turn deep, “Mr. Qiao, I haven’t offended you, have I?”

Qiao Yanjue snorted coldly, of course he had offended him!

“Can you keep your admirers in check?”

“Admirers?” Mo Bonan became even more puzzled, his voice a little unpleasant. “What do you mean?”

He called this late to say these words. Was he trying to fight?

“Isn’t Zhang Yiqi your admirer? Don’t tell me you don’t know her!” Qiao Yanjue grunted, more righteous than he was.

If Xia Xibei said Zhang Yiqi was Mo Bonan’s admirer, she was absolutely right! Mo Bonan was the one who was wrong!

“Zhang Yiqi?” Mo Bonan was stunned, “What happened to her?”

“You don’t know what she’s done?!” Qiao Yanjue’s voice rose, “It’s been two days and you don’t know anything?!”

Qiao Yanjue was speechless. He was so busy these days and wasn’t at Xia Xibei’s side, so he didn’t know about this. But what about Mo Bonan? Wasn’t Tang Luo his brother?

Mo Bonan could tell that something was wrong.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Zhang Yiqi likes you, so she went to make trouble for Tang Luo, and dragged Beibei down too!” Qiao Yanjue made things clear in just one sentence. “You didn’t even know?”

Mo Bonan’s face turned sullen as he admitted, “I really didn’t know.”

“You don’t know anything, and you still have the nerve to be someone’s brother?” Qiao Yanjue taunted nonchalantly.

Mo Bonan’s face went completely grim.

“Qiao Yanjue, are you calling to fight?”

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