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Chapter 363: Learned A Lot

“Ha ha ha! Awesome!”

Inside a private room in Yuhai Pavilion, Song Jiaren’s fingers quickly tapped the keyboard. She was very excited and laughed from time to time.

Ren Juncheng laughed along with her, sitting nearby.

“You reap what you sow!”

“It’s awesome! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces right now!”

After saying that, Song Jiaren closed her eyes and moved her slightly stiff neck.

Just now, she almost forgot to blink when posting comments online, and her eyes hurt. However, she was just about to die of excitement reading everyone’s comments.

“Hah! School beauty? More like a school joke!” Song Jiaren looked at Xia Xibei and Tang Luo nearby and couldn’t help but shake her head, “You guys are the only ones who can stand it! If it were me, I would have exploded long ago!”

“That’s why you’re not Sister Bei!” Yu Ziqi exclaimed. “If it had blown up before, would it still have this effect now?”

If the matter was cleared up at the beginning, would they have achieved such good results?

Moreover, it wouldn’t have been possible to expose the mastermind behind the matter!

Even if they had a suspect, without any evidence, their suspicions would be useless.

Now it was great! They had found the real culprit while also letting them hurt themselves!

“But what if Zhang Yiqi doesn’t admit to it?” Yu Ziqi was worried.

“Of course they won’t admit it.” Xia Xibei shrugged and stroked Honey. “Zhang Yiqi will never admit it.”

“Wouldn’t that be letting her get away with it?!”

They were all anxious.

“Our goal isn’t to send her to prison.” Tang Luo had a cold expression. “This time, it’s just to let her know that we’re not to be messed with!”

“Hmmm,” Xia Xibei nodded, “Besides, they’ve been embarrassed enough this time.”

People were praising her now and treading on Xia Qinghan along the way.

Previously, Xia Qinghan spent so much effort in positioning herself as the national school beauty, attracting a lot of attention.

But now, everyone had found out that Xia Xibei was even more beautiful and powerful than she was!

Now someone else was the national school beauty.

Thanks to this incident, Xia Xibei’s popularity skyrocketed.

Pan Yan had just called her, sounding amazed.

What had happened over the last few days?

Now there were advertisers wanting her to be their commercials.

Even though she had not started acting yet, her popularity was not to be underestimated.

Why should she be a trainee when she was good at basketball, musically talented, and competent in many areas? She didn’t need to follow the rules, she could debut early!

However, Xia Xibei declined this offer.

It was not yet time. There was no need to be so rushed.

Pan Yan was not in a hurry either. After all, Xia Xibei had the potential to be an international superstar, and contact major international brands later. If she took this kind of advertising job, it would not be good for her development and could consume her popularity, maybe even lower her rank.

What international brand would want their spokesperson to be the same as some knockoff drink?

“Thank you all for your help today. If it weren’t for you guys, things wouldn’t have been resolved so quickly. Eat and drink whatever you want. Don’t be polite, it’s on me and Ah Luo!” Xia Xibei beamed.

Things started because of Tang Luo, but in the end the benefits landed on her, so of course she had to treat everyone.


Song Jiaren and the others were very excited, applauding enthusiastically in response.

“Through this matter, we have also learned a lot.” Tang Luo said seriously, suddenly looking at Yu Ziqi. “Little Qi, do you understand?”

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