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Chapter 362: Condemning a School Beauty

Seeing this possibility, realization dawned on everyone and the comments changed once again.

[Woah, they used these tactics for the so-called school beauty competition? Am I too innocent, or is this world too crazy?]

[I’ve said it before, the fairy schoolgirl is so beautiful! And look at her clean and clear gaze; she’s definitely not a bad person! You guys are the ones yapping. See, your faces are all swollen from being slapped, right?]

[She’s so pretty, she’d be too busy looking in the mirror every day. When does she have time to do bad things? Hah, do your faces hurt?]

[Are you guys overthinking this? Is there such a complicated relationship here? If I know a bad person, does that mean that I am a bad person too?]

[The phrase “birds of a feather flock together” has some truth to it. Of course, if this Xia schoolgirl did not try to step on the fairy schoolgirl before, who would have thought that way?]

[Exactly! Let’s see what the paid online commenters said before!]

A few screenshots were shown.

The screenshots showed praise and admiration for Xia Qinghan, as well as disparaging remarks about Xia Xibei.

When one clicked on these commenters’ accounts, it was obvious they were paid accounts.

[Even the paid accounts have been mobilized, and now you’re acting innocent? How dare you?]

[Guys, look what I found! I told you that the fairy schoolgirl looked familiar!] + Screenshot

[Wow! So she’s the pretty girl who saved the school kids before! I’ll be damned! This is too much of a coincidence!]

[The girl has a strong sense of justice, okay? How can she be related to the scum of the earth? I feel embarrassed for you!]

[Someone said before that the fairy schoolgirl and her parents had a bad relationship. It’s more than a bad relationship! They’ve already dissolved the father-daughter relationship! Don’t you see how scummy her parents are!]

Someone dug up an earlier article, which instantly drew attention.

[So heartbroken for the fairy schoolgirl! She’s so beautiful and so amazing but has been hurt so much by her parents! I want to hug her!]

[So inspiring! She is treated like this by her parents but is still living so beautifully! I’m a fan!]

[Have you forgotten this girl’s talent? She is awesome!]

[According to unreliable gossip, this girl seems to be a trainee at an entertainment company!]

[Trainee? That means she’ll debut in the future, right? Then I’ll reserve a fan slot!]

[You simple humans! You know nothing about the power of genius! Take a look!]

This person posted a video.

The video showed Xia Xibei running forward with a basketball.

In the next moment, she came to a stop, and then, with a jump shot, the ball made a beautiful arc in the air—it went in!

[Crap, crap, crap! Is this special effects? Or am I seeing things? Why is a girl playing with a group of boys, and clearly the boys can’t beat her?]

[What the-! Is she a freak? Is this video sped-up?!]

[I think I saw the Xia schoolgirl in the stands. A schoolgirl cheering and a schoolgirl crushing the whole court? This is too big a difference!]

[I’m a fan! The fairy schoolgirl is amazing! I’m in awe! When does she debut as an actor? I’m waiting!]

[The more I watch, the more I feel for the Xia schoolgirl. This is simply brutal! The fairy schoolgirl looks better than her, is more talented than her, has

better grades, and plays ball better than her… Except for family pedigree, she’s the winner, right?]

[Pedigree means nothing! The fairy schoolgirl is so powerful, she could make money with no worries!]

[Hah, I think the Xia schoolgirl is getting her face slapped!]

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