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Chapter 36: He Spent His Money With Someone Else

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“Yang Xuan!” Teacher Zhang shouted, staring at Yang Xuan with a cold, hard face. “Are you still trying to deny the reality of the situation, even now that things have turned out this way?”

He had denied having borrowed Xia Xibei’s money, even going so far as to accuse her of hitting him.

Great! Now that the evidence had been thrown right into his face, he couldn’t deny it anymore. However, he claimed to have borrowed only 10,000 dollars, giving himself a steep discount!

People like him were absolutely unbelievable!

Yang Xuan was anxious, mad, and aggrieved, all at the same time!

“I really just borrowed 10,000…”

“Stop!” Teacher Liu said indignantly. “Previously you said you hadn’t borrowed any money! What changed?”

“Yang Xuan,” Teacher Zhang interrupted with a straight face, “stop denying everything, don’t embarrass yourself any further!”

“Teachers, our Xuan Xuan really wouldn’t borrow so much money! He’s only a student, so there isn’t much for him to spend on. How would he be able to borrow that amount?” Yang Xuan’s mother had stopped wreaking havoc, but she still didn’t believe that her son would do such a thing.

“He told me that his grandfather was sick, so I lent him 3,000. Then he said that his father had gotten into a car crash and had to get a limb amputated, so I lent him another 4,000. After that, he claimed that his mother broke her arm…” Xia Xibei listed out, simply making up some excuses as she went along.

Yang Xuan’s pretexts for borrowing the money were similar to what she had just stated, the only difference being that the victim was always his deceased grandfather.

Regardless, Xia Xibei’s words stupefied Yang Xuan’s parents.

He really came up with just about any excuse to borrow money!

“Mister Yang, your leg looks fine to me,” Teacher Yang remarked sarcastically.

Yang Xuan’s father shot him an angry, irritated glare. He was cursing him, wasn’t he!

He was beyond healthy!

“When did I ever say that? I never even mentioned it!” Yang Xuan fought back with all his might.

However, his argument wasn’t accepted by anyone.

His words had lost all credibility.


Even his parents thought he was lying at this point!

“What did you borrow so much money for? Why would you even need that much?” Yang Xuan’s father was very mad, not bothering to defend his son anymore.

“I- I really didn’t…”

“Are you going to tell me or not!” Yang Xuan’s father raged, so angry that he swung his arm forward and gave his son a harsh slap.

Yang Xuan had gone overboard today. If all he had done was lie, he could be forgiven, but he even went so far as to curse his family!

Yang Xuan’s mother panicked and exclaimed, “What are you doing?!” Going to stand in front of her son, she continued in a shrill voice, “Can’t we just talk things out nicely!”

As she watched the ongoing drama among the three members of the Yang family, Xia Xibei’s eyes gleamed with a certain shrewdness.

“I know what he spent his money on,” she announced.

“You know?”

“Yes!” Xia Xibei nodded. “Didn’t I just say I did? I’m not his girlfriend, but Jin Yazhen is. They hang out together often, shopping, watching movies, and buying clothes. I’m assuming that’s how he blew all that money.”

Her words put a dark look on everyone’s face. Who wasn’t aware of what a fortune dating cost?

Especially the teachers, who were looking at Yang Xuan with even more disgust in their eyes.

Essentially, Yang Xuan had fabricated the stories of accidents or illnesses befalling his family inorder to borrow money from Xia Xibei, spending that same money on Jin Yazhen.

And when Xia Xibei needed that money to be paid back, she came looking for him. He couldn’t afford to pay back his debt, so he made up a lie and accused Xia Xibei of hitting him!

——This was beyond despicable!

Qing Ye High School was the most prestigious school of the district. Although not every student was noble and virtuous, there wasn’t anyone as bad as him either!


Xia Xibei’s allegation had ignited a fury-filled fire within Yang Xuan’s mother.

“Which shameless b*tch did you spend the money with? It must be her who brainwashed you, that’s why you turned out this way!”

Looking at the agitated woman, the teachers suddenly understood the entire situation.

It was all because of his family that Yang Xuan had turned out to be the way he was!


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