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Chapter 355: Where Did the Heavenly Music Come From

“Oooh! My little Honey!” Ren Juncheng pulled Yu Ziqi’s hand and shouted in a low voice.

The corners of Yu Ziqi’s mouth twitched and he wanted to chop Ren Junsheng’s paws off.

Of course, he would never admit to being jealous! Why didn’t Xia Xibei get his Asura?! Asura is so cute!

Everyone looked at the stage with bewildered expressions.

What was Xia Xibei doing?

With the crowd watching, Xia Xibei walked to the piano and placed Honey on top. Then, she sat in the chair in a natural manner.

After sitting down, she snapped her fingers.

Everyone saw Honey stand up straight with her tail up, looking like she was on standby.

Before anyone had a chance to discuss it, Xia Xibei’s hands fell on the keys.


With the first note, everyone seemed to be taken by surprise, staring intently at her movements.

The smooth and beautiful music sounded like a clear spring, flowing like water from Xia Xibei’s fingertips. The sound was winding like a mountain stream, flowing down from the jagged rocks, into the wide and deep river, and then converging into the vast and boundless sea.

To their shock, this beautiful cat moved along with the music!

She stepped to the sound of music, landing lightly on top of the piano with her paws, tail twitching and body swaying nimbly.

They seemed to see, in the pure and beautiful forest, next to a tinkling stream, in the moonlight, a beautiful and animated elf dancing to the spirit of the moonlight song…

When the piano-playing stopped, there was a moment of silence.

Not much sound could be heard in a venue, which was full of several thousand people.

After a “meow” sound, all the people suddenly came back to their senses, their expressions horrified.

What the…?! What kind of magical sound was this? Or rather, what kind of heavenly music was this?!

It was stunning!

They were just transported into a beautiful dream by the music, which was so captivating that they couldn’t bear to wake up.

As for Xia Qinghan… She was strong and good at piano-playing, but compared to Xia Xibei, she was no match!

Many people didn’t know about piano-playing, but they could tell the difference between good and bad.

One was conventional music; one was heavenly music. They couldn’t be compared!

“Wow!” Ren Juncheng and several people shouted and applauded intensely.

Led by them, other people also followed in giving a warm applause.



Even if they were unhappy with Xia Xibei before, this performance was enough to make them marvel and cancel any previous bad impressions!

A person who could play such beautiful music could not be that bad, right?

And she was so beautiful!

Talented and beautiful, this phrase was tailor-made for her!

Tang Luo and the others’ palms were sore from clapping.

Although they knew that Xia Xibei was powerful, they didn’t expect her to be so awesome!

Originally, everyone’s attention should have been taken away by Honey and not her performance. After all, a cat who could step and dance was very rare!

However, after one performance, although everyone noticed Honey, they didn’t overlook her playing!

This was too magical! Their Sister Bei was fierce!

“Sister Bei! Sister Bei!”

“School beauty! School beauty!”

The boys in the third class, especially the boys who played with Xia Xibei, couldn’t help but cheer.

Others cheered along with them!

“School beauty! School beauty!”

Backstage, everyone’s faces dimmed.

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