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Chapter 354: Playing the Piano

Xia Qinghan’s heart pounded as she listened to the sounds outside.

Today, her performance was playing the piano.

She started piano lessons when she was just a few years old and took exams for it too.

It could be said that she was very good at piano-playing.

Last year, it was due to her piano-playing that she gained the attention of the entire school.

In this year’s preliminary round, she didn’t want to repeat her previous performance, which was why she chose to sing.

She didn’t think Xia Xibei would choose to sing too!

What was even more annoying was that Xia Xibei did better than her!

Thinking about what everyone had said earlier, she got depressed.

Luckily, Xia Xibei was ruining her own life.

After Tang Luo did that kind of thing, she did not separate from Tang Luo but actually stood by him. It was so stupid!

Xia Qinghan’s mood got better as she listened to the whispers of others.

Even if Xia Xibei got a good score today, so what? She was definitely going to be dragged down.

After she performed, it would be Xia Xibei’s turn.

When the time came, she would let Xia Xibei know what it meant to be crushed!

She would show Xia Xibei that the piano was not easy to play!

“Next, we invite contestant number six, Xia Qinghan, to the stage. She is bringing us…”

The host’s voice brought Xia Qinghan back.

She tidied up and made sure that there was no problem before she walked out with a smile.

Listening to the loud applause that rang out from outside, Song Jiaren pursed her lips and hummed, “She won’t be able to laugh when you come on!”

Before, Song Jiaren had also thought Xia Xibei could not play the piano, but after hearing her play, she was stunned.

Her piano skills were stunning!

Xia Xibei stroked Honey in her lap and smiled, “So, we’ll let her laugh a little more now.”

“Meow!” Honey purred. Her eyes squinted comfortably, and her tail wrapped around Xia Xibei’s wrist.

“So cute!”

Song Jiaren’s eyes were mesmerized, and she couldn’t help but reach out and touch Honey.

Her clean, fluffy fur was so intoxicating, she wanted to bury her face in it.

Song Jiaren wanted a cat of her own. If she could stroke her cat whenever, it would be so relaxing!


Honey was very content on Xia Xibei’s lap. Even when Song Jiaren touched her, she gave very little reaction.

Other people looked at the cute cat from afar with a torn expression.

Many of them had read the rumors on the Internet and had a poor impression of Xia Xibei.

Yes, she was pretty, but with her poor character, who would want to befriend her? Who knew if she was as evil as Tang Luo?

Too bad. The cat was so adorable. Why was the cat hers?

Soon, Xia Qinghan’s performance had ended.

Listening to the thunderous applause outside, Xia Xibei stood up with Honey in her arms.

“Okay, it’s our turn.”

Outside, the host called out Xia Xibei’s name.

When Xia Xibei’s name was announced, the sound outside was a little lighter, and the applause was a lot weaker. Many people couldn’t help but show their disgusted expressions.

“Go for it!” Song Jiaren clenched her hands into fists and cheered.

Xia Xibei nodded and walked out with Honey.

Outside, everyone was whispering when they saw a stunningly beautiful young woman walking out with a cat in her arms.

The young woman was tall and shapely, wearing a long white dress. She looked like a fairy under the lights.

The cat in her arms was even more adorable.

The cat and person combination made one tremble.

Wasn’t she going to play the piano? What was the cat for?

Was she going to perform cat-training?

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