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Chapter 353: Shameless

This incident had become so huge that the school could not be calm.

The students had not yet been baptized and crushed by society, still possessing a very strong sense of justice.

Now, the sudden appearance of such a scum in the school really shamed the whole school!

If it weren’t for Song Jiaren, the famous school bully, being by Tang Luo’s side, they would have wanted to kick him out of the school.

Why should Li Yulin be forced to leave, not even daring to come to school, while the perpetrator stayed in school?

It’s what the leaders did that angered them the most.

Things had come to a head the night before, and in the morning, the principal had sternly stated over the loudspeaker that Li Yulin was the real bad guy, and that she was the one slandering everyone else and slandering the school!

Moreover, the principal also said that they had evidence, and when the time came, they would also pursue Li Yulin’s legal responsibility!

If that was true, where was the evidence?

Without proof, who would believe the school’s version?

And it’s just as Li Yulin had said! The school leaders, Tang Luo, and the others had ganged up to bully her!

As a result, the students did not believe the school’s story, even though the leaders and teachers sternly insisted upon it.

Why didn’t they show the evidence if they had it?

Wasn’t it the lack of evidence that made them react like that?

The leaders’ statements were then passed on by other students, once again sparking suspicion and contempt for Qing Ye High School.

What really made the students speechless was that Tang Luo didn’t seem to be very nervous or sheepish. He was actually quite calm.

Such a mental quality was impressive to everyone.

How could he be so calm after doing such a thing! He really wasn’t an ordinary person! Well, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to do anything this gross!

Looking at Xia Xibei, who showed no sign of weakness and unease, walking alongside Tang Luo, Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying could not help but snort coldly.

“They’re really used to doing this kind of thing! Scum!” Tao Yueying spat, looking at them with a strong look of contempt.

Liu Zhijing also nodded, “Yes! Did you see how close Xia Xibei was with him? The two of them are a den of snakes and rats!”

“That’s right!” Tao Yueying agreed. “After Tang Luo did such a thing, Xia Xibei did not stay away from him. They’re still so close! They’re really shameless!”

“Right. How else could they be good friends?”

“Such people are a disgrace to the school! I really don’t know why the head teacher and the others are helping them!”

“Good grades?”

“Bah! So what if he has good grades? There’s plenty of good grades in our school, right?”

“Did they do something?”

Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying glanced at each other, then smiled bitchily.

Xia Qinghan gently patted them, “Okay, stop it. Let’s just mind our own business.”

However, Liu Zhijing was reluctant.

“I’m just upset for you,” she said seriously. “Now everyone is saying that Xia Xibei is better than you!”

In the previous round, Xia Xibei sang a song and did exceptionally well!

The worst part was that Xia Qinghan also sang a song.

Now a lot of people thought Xia Xibei was more talented than Xia Qinghan.

How could they let these comments go?

Xia Qinghan’s expression stiffened for a moment before Liu Zhijing continued, “But a bitch like her, how is she qualified to be compared to you?!”

Speaking of which, she pulled out her phone.

“No, I have to expose her!”

“Ahhh, don’t you do that,” Xia Qinghan said softly

“It’s okay, I know what to do!” Liu Zhijing sent a post, her eyes shining. “I’d feel sorry for them if I don’t add fuel to their fire!”

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