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Chapter 349: The Birth of a Saint

The head teacher and principal were livid.

How much damage would it bring to Tang Luo if she had succeeded in slandering him?!

Tang Luo was number one in his grade! If such a good student with a bright future was slandered, how could there be any justice?

However, this tactic could have easily succeeded.

After all, there was no one there at the back door. If the girl said that Tang Luo molested her, others would easily believe it and condemn Tang Luo.

In everyone’s mind, how could a girl say that if it wasn’t true?

So, once the girl got her way, Tang Luo would have to carry this disgusting charge afterwards!

It was good that they had recorded the incident. With the evidence, the girl couldn’t claim otherwise.

“Principal, head teacher, I want to ask why she wanted to harm me like this,” Tang Luo stated seriously.

The head teacher slammed the table and glared at her, “Say it!”

The girl almost shrunk into a ball. She could only shake her head desperately, tears flowing wildly, “I just got confused for a moment! I’m sorry!”

If she gave up the mastermind behind this whole thing, it would be the end of her. That person could offer her a better life or destroy her.

“Confused?! What kind of confusion is this?!”

Even the mildly tempered principal was angry.

How would this incident impact the school? If the media found out about this, the whole school would be humiliated!

Faced with their anger, the girl gritted her teeth and stuck to her story.

“Okay, since you won’t say it, let’s forget it.” Tang Luo also did not insist. “Since you’re a girl, I won’t trouble you.”

“Tang Luo!” Song Jiaren and Yu Ziqi stared at him in shock and disbelief. “How could you let her go like that?!”

The girl had done something this despicable, yet he just let it go?

“Student Tang Luo…”

Both the principal and the head teacher froze.


They were also shocked. How could Tang Luo be this generous? While they were peace-oriented, they found Tang Luo’s tolerance incredible. If they had encountered this kind of thing, it would be a miracle if they didn’t kill this girl, never mind forgiving her.

In the face of everyone’s uncertainty, Tang Luo shook his head and sighed, “I believe that she really was confused for a moment, that’s why she did such a thing. I also believe that she knows that she is wrong.”


Everyone was dumbfounded, as if they had seen the birth of a saint.

However, Xia Xibei also spoke up, “Yes, there is nothing better than to know your mistakes and be able to correct them. I believe that she must understand her mistake.”


Everyone’s jaws dropped and they looked back and forth between the two, thinking that they were hallucinating.

Why would Xia Xibei say the same thing otherwise? Did both of their brains have water in them?!

Tang Luo nodded approvingly, then looked at the girl.

“I just want to know, do you know that you have made a mistake?”

The girl snapped out of her shock and nodded her head vigorously, “I know I made a mistake! I was really just confused for a moment!”

“Okay,” Tang Luo nodded, “Since you know you’re wrong, then we won’t call the police. However, I don’t want to see you continue to stay at this school.”

Hearing this, everyone was slightly relieved. Fortunately, he wasn’t stupid enough to be hopeless. At least his brain was somewhat normal.

“Yes, I will transfer to another school!” The girl nodded her head repeatedly.

“Remember what you said.”

Tang Luo turned his head to look at Xia Xibei and the others.

“Let’s delete the video.”


Song Jiaren and Yu Ziqi stood up in shock.

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