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Chapter 341: Multiple Preparations

Although she had some suspicions, when Qiao Yanjue admitted it himself, Liu Manhong was still shocked.

He liked Xia Xibei?!

“Wait a minute, is that why you asked me to be her guardian?” Liu Manhong looked at Qiao Yanjue in shock and confusion.

She had wondered. Qiao Yanjue was not a warm person, so why had he suddenly asked her to help out as a guardian? This was out of character for him!

Now she knew. He wanted closer access to her!

“No,” Qiao Yanjue shook his head, “I just wanted to repay her for saving my life.”

“Saving your life?!” Liu Manhong drew back another breath.

Only then did Qiao Yanjue realize that he had said too much and couldn’t help but feel a little chagrined.

“Tell me, what happened exactly?”

Liu Manhong did not think too much about it before. When Qiao Yanjue asked her to help, she did. It was not a difficult task.

Why was there a life-saving favor involved here?

Qiao Yanjue’s eyes wandered a bit.

“Tell me everything!” Liu Manhong slapped the table, angry and anxious.

“Okay, I will tell you.”

Since he had already slipped, he couldn’t hold back his words anymore.

When Qiao Yanjue finished with the backstory, Liu Manhong’s expression had changed.

“So, you’d have been seriously injured if she didn’t save you that time?”

“Yes,” Qiao Yanjue nodded.

“So, she saved your life…”

Before Qiao Yanjue could reply, Liu Man Hong’s words took a turn, “Then how can you be so cruel, willing to drag her into that fire pit!”

Qiao Yanjue’s face darkened, “What do you mean by that! I’m not that bad, am I?”

“It’s not a fire pit?” Liu Manhong snorted. “You don’t know what the Qiao family is like?”

Although Liu Manhong’s older sister was the wife of the Qiao family, that didn’t change her ill feelings towards the Qiao family.

Of course, her ill feelings were directed at other members of the Qiao family.

“Beibei is such a nice girl, why should she be dragged down by you? Besides, if she did get together with you, could you guarantee her safety and happiness?”

Those three siblings of the Qiao family were not good people. If Xia Xibei went up against them, it would be difficult to say what would happen.

Qiao Yanjue took a deep breath and replied seriously, “Of course I know what the Qiao family is like, that’s why I applied to come work here. And besides this project, I have other ventures of my own.”

He sat up straight, his expression solemn and serious.

“I have quite a few projects on hand now, and I have my eye on some more investment projects… I believe that I will get stronger and stronger, and I will definitely be able to protect her.”

These days, in addition to the demolition project of the old city, he had done a lot of other things.

After acquiring the SY company, his enthusiasm did not die down, and he acquired another entertainment and culture company, one which had rights to a number of novels.

He felt that there was a lot of potential for development there.

In addition, he had invested in a game company specializing in the development of handheld games.

Liu Manhong’s expression was complicated.

She had thought that Qiao Yanjue had no more than a passing interest in Xia Xibei, not having very deep feelings.

But now it seemed the situation was beyond her expectation.

He was more serious than she had imagined! He was actually thinking of the future?!

Qiao Yanjue had never been this invested in his career before!

Now he was so devoted, all because he would not let Xia Xibei be hurt!

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