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Chapter 331: Learning

When Mo Bonan came out, he heard Xia Xibei say to Tang Luo, “If you are not comfortable, you can find me. I will help you find a place, and we can still be neighbors.”

These words almost made his face fall.

Seeing Mo Bonan come over, Xia Xibei just gave him a glance, while continuing to tell Tang Luo, “It’s okay, if anything upsets you, just talk back. I’m right behind you!”

Mo Bonan was speechless.

She was just a girl, so where did she get such confidence? How on earth did Qiao Yanjue get along with her?

Mo Bonan had enough self-awareness to know that he was tough and sometimes not likable, very similar to Qiao Yanjue in this way.

Because of their background and upbringing, they were used to being strong and in control of the whole situation. They did not like to be contradicted.

When Mo Bonan and Qiao Yanjue were getting along, they were equally hard-headed and tit-for-tat.

Others simply did not dare to fight hard against them.

But Xia Xibei didn’t have any powerful background, so how was she so bold?

Thinking about how low Qiao Yanjue had cowered in front of Xia Xibei, Mo Bonan felt as if he understood something.

He couldn’t believe Qiao liked such a strong girl!

Mo Bonan snorted while thinking about it, doubting Qiao Yanjue’s taste.

If it was him, he would never like this kind of strong girl.

Shouldn’t girls be gentle and adorable, submissive and obedient?

A girl as domineering and tough as Xia Xibei was a disaster for them.

Even Tang Luo, who had been such an obedient kid before, became a lot tougher after associating with Xia Xibei.

Mo Bonan’s mind was churning, and there was a vague feeling that something was out of control.

He shook his head, shaking off the strange thought before walking over.

Xia Xibei continued to ramble, “Good people are bullied. If you don’t resist, you will only be treated as weak and vulnerable. Even if the other person is very strong, so what? The worst is breaking apart!”

What kind of inexplicable ideas was she feeding Tang Luo?

But to his surprise, Tang Luo actually nodded, his face firm. “Don’t worry, I understand.”

Mo Bonan’s face turned dark. What the hell did he understand?!

He did not know that Tang Luo had really learned a lot because of this incident today.

Tang Luo’s heart was very nervous and scared when looking at Xia Xibei and Mo Bonan going toe to toe, afraid that the two would fight.

However, he could not pull the two apart, becoming anxious.

But what followed stunned him.

After being confronted by Xia Xibei in that manner, Mo Bonan didn’t even get angry! Or rather, he was angry, but he did not explode.

It turned out that there was a different result after tough resistance!

At that moment, it was as if he became enlightened and his mind was clear!

Tang Luo had grown up to be withdrawn and introverted because of his single parent and his health, and he did not have many friends.

After arriving at the Mo family, he became even more timid. After all, he was a foster child, so he had been afraid to voice his opinion.

When faced with a strong man like Mo Bonan, he was even more afraid to say anything, and definitely did not dare to take a chance in front of him.

If not for some misadventures afterwards, the two would not have had any in-depth interactions at all.

Because of these changes, he was so weak-minded in front of Mo Bonan.

But now, Xia Xibei had told him—if you’re not happy, just fight!

Yeah, he’d already experienced the worst outcome anyway, so what was there to be afraid of?

Thinking of this, Tang Luo’s mood finally lightened up.

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