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Chapter 330: Tit for Tat

Just now, when Xia Xibei and Mo Bonan went tit-for-tat, Tang Luo didn’t say much.

He didn’t want to put everything on Xia Xibei and let her confront Mo Bonan. However, he could not speak up.

He was afraid that if he opened his mouth, what he would say would be terrifying.

When the time came and things were exposed, it would be irreversible.

He was actually very happy listening to Xia Xibei’s accusations against Mo Bonan.

It’s not funny that he didn’t even care about him or his feelings before, but now he suddenly jumps out and points fingers?

Even if he was dating early, what did it have to do with Mo Bonan?

If not for the fear of repeating the same mistake, he would have yelled at him like Xia Xibei.

Too bad he couldn’t.

However, Xia Xibei was a strong fighter and left Mo Bonan speechless, making it a pleasure to watch her.

If Mo Bonan stopped taking care of him because of this matter, that would be great!

In that case, he could leave the Mo family.

None of these tragedies would happen.

However, he didn’t expect that, after being confronted by Xia Xibei and Zhang Yiqi appearing, Mo Bonan would not leave obediently but actually pick him up!

Was Mo Bonan crazy?!

While Tang Luo was being held, the shock in his heart could not be described.

Mo Bonan didn’t know him, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know Mo Bonan.

Fickle, cold, strong, self-possessed, dictatorial. Once he became determined, he would not listen to other people’s opinions or explanations…

Such a strong Mo Bonan would not tolerate others’ rebuttals and explanations.

In Tang Luo’s mind, after being scolded by Xia Xibei, Mo Bonan would definitely be angry, alienating him.

But what was happening now?!

Being held in Mo Bonan’s arms, Tang Luo was ashamed, flustered, angry, and annoyed, struggling desperately.

“Don’t move!” Mo Bonan sulked and held him hard, “Or you’ll fall on the floor.”

“Put me down! I can walk by myself!” Tang Luo shouted.

“Mr. Mo!” Xia Xibei came over, her face equally grim. “Please put Ah Luo down, he can walk by himself.”

Besides, even if he couldn’t walk, he didn’t need to be carried like a princess. He could be carried on the back instead.

Although Zhang Yiqi’s expression was fun to see, this would breed more hatred than necessary. They already had a big grudge as it was.

Mo Bonan looked at Xia Xibei in a condescending manner, asking her, “Don’t you know that he is injured?”

“Of course I know that!” she grimaced, “But he’s not so hurt that he can’t walk. Besides, can’t you see he doesn’t want to be carried?”

“Put me down, I can walk by myself!” Tang Luo struggled a bit. His body was a little stiff, and he didn’t dare to show his feelings.

Xia Xibei blocked Mo Bonan, the two individuals’ equally harsh gazes like an electric fire, a fight imminent.

Next to them, Zhang Yiqi and Zhang Yibin were stunned.

They knew that Mo Bonan was strong, but they didn’t expect the soft-looking Xia Xibei to also be so tough, even daring to confront him!

Was she crazy?!

Mo Bonan looked at Xia Xibei for a while before he finally put Tang Luo down.

“Then you can walk by yourself.”


As soon as Tang Luo hit the ground, he stumbled to Xia Xibei’s side, ignoring the pain in his leg.

This scene made Mo Bonan’s eyes turn even darker.

Things were quite obvious; he was not a fool.

“Then we’ll leave first.”

Mo Bonan nodded to Zhang Yiqi and her brother before turning his head and striding away.

Looking at their departing backs, Zhang Yiqi’s teeth gnashed together.

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