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Chapter 328: Xia Xibei Crossing the Line

As he sensed the animosity between the two of them quickly rising, Tang Luo grabbed Xia Xibei’s arm anxiously.

“Enough, Bei, stop arguing. It’s too late now, we should head back. We have classes tomorrow.”

Xia Xibei’s heart thudded the moment Tang Luo grabbed her arm, realizing that Tang Luo’s hand was extremely cold.

Then she saw the pallor on his face, and his wary expression as he tried to stop their fight. Xia Xibei had no choice but to take a deep breath to suppress the anger within her.

In fact, she knew that she wasn’t being reasonable with Mo Bonan; she was just venting her anger on him.

From an outsider’s perspective, her behavior would seem completely unreasonable. She might even have crossed a line that she shouldn’t have.

After all, Tang Luo had been living with the Mo family for a few years now, and his relationship with Mo Bonan must be somewhat special.

Also, she had been good friends with Tang Luo for just a short while, and yet she was accusing Mo Bonan as if she was special to Tang Luo. Who gave her the right to do so?

Even if they were good friends, she should have left it at that.

However, her mood had been affected by the story that Tang Luo had shared with her.

What Xia Xibei had been through was surely different from what Tang Luo had, but they had both suffered immensely before.

Therefore, she had a lot of empathy for Tang Luo.

The reason she hated Qiao Yanjue in the past was primarily because he was related to Qiao Haoming and Xia Qinghan.

The family and friends of an enemy were also her enemies as far as she was concerned.

If Qiao Yanjue hadn’t put himself lowly enough in front of her, she would never have allowed his presence around her at all.

Tang Luo reminded her of her past self.

Of that time when she had to face the endless insults and oppression from her enemies all by herself, without any help from friends and family.

That helplessness and vulnerability she had felt at that time was the worst feeling in the world!

Despite having lived with the Mo family for a few years, Mo Bonan didn’t even have the slightest idea of how much misery Tang Luo had been put through!

Since he had never bothered to care about Tang Luo before, he shouldn’t be acting like the boss at this moment!

Mo Bonan reminded Xia Xibei of her so-called family, who helped her enemies in tormenting her while calling themselves her “family!”

As these thoughts flooded through her mind, the look in Xia Xibei’s eyes only became more hostile as she looked at Mo Bonan.

Mo Bonan was startled by the ferocity in Xia Xibei’s eyes. When he finally came to his senses, however, he couldn’t help but despise himself.

She was nothing but a little girl, what was there to be afraid of?

Mo Bonan quickly regained his composure. He stared right at Xia Xibei, and asked in a cold voice, “It seems like you have quite some distaste for me?”

“How dare I…” Xia Xibei tugged her lips at him, “I just feel that you haven’t really gotten to know Tang Luo, even though you guys have been living together for so many years.”

If he really cared about Tang Luo and was trusted by Tang Luo, then he couldn’t be this clueless about Tang Luo’s past.

“Bei!” Tang Luo’s heart missed a beat, and his expression changed a little.

Mo Bonan’s face fell too, and he even appeared a little battered and defeated.

However, when he really thought about it, it seemed like he didn’t know much about Tang Luo.

He only started paying attention to Tang Luo a couple of months ago. His parents made him take care of Tang Luo before they went on a vacation. Only then had he started checking on this little brother, who had never drawn his attention before.

How could he not be anxious when he saw his little brother getting into a relationship at such a young age?

However, he really had no idea what had happened to Tang Luo before.

His reaction made Xia Xibei laugh, “It seems like my guess is right.” Her smile deepened, “Since you don’t know him well enough, don’t force him to do things against his will, all in the name of his well-being.”

One of the reasons Xia Xibei didn’t hold back her displeasure was because Mo Bonan had put himself too highly. Tang Luo was like a mouse in front of him, constantly looking for somewhere to hide so he could be away from him.

Her heart couldn’t help but reach out to the distressed Tang Luo.

Since Tang Luo didn’t have the courage to be honest with him, she would do it for him!

Right as the three were caught up in a stalemate, a voice sounded, “You guys are here too?”

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