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Chapter 320: Illegitimate Son

When she saw Xia Qinghan, Xia Xibei froze for a moment, not expecting her to come and watch the game.

The game was between the third class and eighth class, and Xia Qinghan had come over from the fifth class, which was really puzzling. Did she like watching basketball games that much?

Of course, what puzzled Xia Xibei even more was the girl next to Xia Qinghan.

She had seen this girl before, the same girl who had met with Xia Qinghan last time.

Thinking of this, Xia Xibei turned her head to look at Tang Luo, who was next to her.

As expected, Tang Luo’s face was expressionless, and his eyes were deep.

Tang Luo also did not think that Zhang Yiqi, who was studying in another school, would show up here.

Looking at Zhang Yiqi’s familiar yet unfamiliar face, his previously good mood instantly deteriorated.

“What do we do?” Xia Xibei asked him.

“What do you mean?” Tang Luo asked in confusion.

“Are you okay?” Xia Xibei was a little worried.

“What could be wrong with me?” Tang Luo smiled. “I’m fine.”

Xia Xibei looked him over and found that there was indeed nothing wrong with him, so she breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good. If there’s any problem, remember to tell me. Sis will help you.”

“Whose sister are you?” Tang Luo rolled his eyes at her in irritation, “Play your game, and don’t mess up!”

“Mess up?” Xia Xibei snorted, her tone full of pride, “I’ll show you my strength!”

She also arrogantly rubbed her thumb across her nose and said to the others, “All right, let’s get started!”

“Ok, Sister Bei!”

“Let them see our Sister Bei’s strength!”

Everyone aggressively walked toward the center of the court, the team of five looking like a military formation. Tang Luo could not help but smile as he shook his head.

He could see that Xia Xibei was reassuring him.

However, he didn’t really need to be comforted. Being comforted or being sad would not change anything.

He would live a better life than they could imagine and make them regret it all!

Across the bleachers, Xia Qinghan looked at Xia Xibei in the center of the court, her expression not very pleasant.

“You are talking about this girl?” Zhang Yiqi looked at Xia Xibei below, her expression also a bit grave. She really was a strong enemy.

“Right.” Xia Qinghan nodded and whispered, “I feel as if the two of us have a grudge. Every time we meet, we clash!”

The most annoying thing was that she was the one who got defeated each time.

However, this was something she could not say to others, even if Zhang Yiqi was her good friend.

“You’ve been losing?”

However, Zhang Yiqi instantly guessed what she was trying to hide.

Xia Qinghan’s face instantly darkened.

“Do you want me to get someone to teach her a lesson?” Zhang Yiqi looked at Xia Xibei with an unkind look, then turned to Tang Luo in the audience.

When talking about the lesson, her tone was a bit creepy, not making it clear if it was directed at Xia Xibei or Tang Luo.

Xia Qinghan astutely noticed the difference and followed her gaze. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Zhang Yiqi sneered, “I see the bitch.”

“Huh?” Xia Qinghan was puzzled, “What do you mean? What is he to you?”

“Him? An illegitimate son who can’t be seen!” Zhang Yiqi’s eyes narrowed slightly, her expression hard.

“Illegitimate son?!” Xia Qinghan shrieked.

Fortunately, the attention of the surrounding crowd was focused on the players on the court, and not many people noticed her reaction.

Xia Qinghan hurriedly covered her mouth and lowered her voice, “Tang Luo is your father’s illegitimate son?”

Zhang Yiqi snickered, “What else?”

She didn’t have time to be hostile to someone else’s illegitimate children.

Xia Qinghan was stunned. She didn’t think there was such a relationship here!

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