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Chapter 318: Top School Beauty

It’d been more than a month since the first round of “Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage.”

If she hadn’t seen this message, Xia Xibei would have almost forgotten about it.

She clicked on the message, noting that it said the second round would take place in two days and that it would be done online.

If she passed this round, she would be able to go to the TV station for the next round.

Xia Xibei quirked her brow at the notification, then closed the message.

For her, two days was a lot of time.

Before this, she had already spent a lot of time learning about various subjects. Even if she started the competition now, it would not be difficult.

Then, she routinely clicked on the microblog to see what had happened today.

First, she checked the hot searches. One search item was trending, which startled her.

Cheerleading goddess. Top school beauty.

These keywords caught Xia Xibei’s attention, so she clicked on it.

Looking at the photo on the page, Xia Xibei froze for a moment, then showed an “of course it is” smile.

The photo showed Xia Qinghan.

She wore a beautiful and youthful cheerleading outfit, cheering with pom poms that were held in her long, slender limbs, showing a bright smile.

The blog poster said, “I went to a basketball game today, but I didn’t expect to find a beautiful girl! Isn’t she the most beautiful school beauty?”

The comments which followed were also equally effusive.

“So gorgeous! Really a top school beauty!”

“Her body, her face! So jealous!”

“It would be awesome if I had this kind of classmate!”

“The contrast between her and everyone around her is heartbreaking!”

“We’re all human, so why are we so different?! (crying emoji)”

“Now this is a top school beauty! She could be an actor with these kinds of looks!”

“Isn’t this Qing Ye High School? The national-level top school in G City. What the- She’s also good at school?!”

“Beautiful face, good figure, and a top scholar! How are we ordinary people supposed to live?”

Everything posted below was compliments.

Plus reposts, comments, likes… There were at least 10 thousand reactions.

Of course, if you paid attention, you’d notice that some of these reposting accounts were zombie accounts.

Although this hot search ranked after the top 30 and was far below celebrity items, for a regular person, these numbers were very good.

And this was only the beginning. More tactics would follow.

If she was made famous too fast, it would be seen as a PR stunt and attract lots of criticism.

Xia Qinghan still had to work in the entertainment industry, so of course she had to move very steadily.

Looking at the comments below, Xia Xibei showed a smile.

Xia Qinghan wouldn’t admit defeat so easily. However, just because she had an idea didn’t mean it would really come true!

Thinking about it, Xia Xibei smiled, but her gaze was deep and the smile did not reach her eyes.

She returned to the page for hot searches.

Then she saw the hot search for “Legend of Qinghe.”

If the female MC doesn’t want Qi Chen, I want him!

She had to chuckle once she clicked on the search term.

There were a lot of Qi Chen gifs here, every smile and move of his was showcased, gaining a passionate following.

“My Qi Chen! Is the heroine blind? Why do you want to hurt my love Qi Chen like this? Let go of Qi Chen! Let me have him!”

“Look at his eyes! Look at his passion! It’s amazing! I’m drowning in Qi Chen’s eyes!”

“Let go of Qi Chen, I want him!”

This search term was still gaining popularity.

Xia Xibei knew that Nie Zehai was going to be famous.

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