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Chapter 308: I Will Protect Her

Huo Zijun looked at Qiao Yanjue’s dark face and couldn’t help but feel shaky in his heart. However, because of their friendship, he still spoke his mind.

“I know Little Xia is a good girl, but you should also think about who you are!”

Qiao Yanjue was the appointed heir of the Qiao family, and his status and position were not something that ordinary girls could match.

Even if Qiao Yanjue liked her, so what? The Qiao family would not acknowledge Xia Xibei.

“Little Xia is such a nice girl, could you bear to let her be bullied by your family?” Huo Zijun spoke bitterly, “It’s not like you don’t know what those people are like! You wouldn’t give up your family for her, would you?”

It would be truly stupid if Qiao Yanjue really made that choice.

Qiao Yanjue was unmoved by his best friend’s persuasion, insisting, “I will protect her.”

His expression was proud and resolute.

“I won’t give her up. The Qiao family is mine, and I won’t give it up either.”

Of course, Qiao Yanjue wasn’t stupid.

The Qiao family was his, so why should he give it up?

Moreover, if he gave up the Qiao family, it would only make others smugger. Those people did not have any sibling love for him; instead, they may destroy him.

He wanted to protect Xia Xibei and certainly could not let the Qiao family fall into the hands of others.

Huo Zijun looked at Qiao Yanjue’s confident face, helpless and anxious. “But do you think that you can really protect her? Did you forget that you almost died before!”

If it wasn’t for Xia Xibei, Qiao Yanjue’s life would have been in jeopardy.

“That was before.” Qiao Yanjue grimaced, his eyes deep and cold, “I’ve learned from my mistake. I’m not that stupid.”

The main reason he got hurt that time was because he underestimated their ruthlessness.

He had thought that since they were brothers, they would not be heartless enough to kill him.

That proved that he was still too young and kind.

So, he set up a trap afterwards to find the mole around him and then viciously retaliated.

Because of this incident, he regained the upper hand and was able to go to G City to preside over development matters.

“Also, you are really underestimating her.”

Thinking of Xia Xibei’s toughness and strength, Qiao Yanjue smiled with pride, “She’s stronger than you think. Others can’t bully her.”

To be honest, he didn’t know enough about Xia Xibei, but what he did know was enough to put him at ease with her.

Smart, tough, forceful… She could bully others, not the other way around.

Besides, she had him!

Looking at the smile that formed at the corners of Qiao Yanjue’s mouth, Huo Zijun’s mouth twitched and he held his forehead, unable to look away.

He was the domineering CEO feared by all, so why did he have to show such a silly smile? It was too much for the eyes!

Love really made one crazy!

However, it was clear that Qiao Yanjue had fallen really hard.

Once a person as stubborn as Qiao Yanjue had fallen, even ten oxen couldn’t pull him back.

Though Huo Zijun did not see a good future for this relationship, he couldn’t convince Qiao Yanjue otherwise.


“You like her, but does she like you?”

The smile on Qiao Yanjue’s mouth froze at hearing these words.

Seeing this, Huo Zijun totally understood and could not help but laugh, “it’s unrequited love!”

Karma! It was karma!

So many girls had liked him, only to be rejected—actually, they were downright refused. Now it was his turn to be rejected!

Huo Zijun wished he could advertise this moment on TV and tell the whole world!

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