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Chapter 293: Talent Contest

Song Jiaren was waiting for Xia Xibei at the school gates and was surprised when she saw Xia Xibei getting out of a car.

It wasn’t a strange thing for Xia Xibei to come to school in her car, as her home was quite a distance from the school. The problem was that it wasn’t a cab!

Although the car wasn’t obviously a luxury one, it certainly wasn’t cheap, because her father had the same model.

Moreover, the driver even opened the car door for her! What was going on?!

Song Jiaren raised her doubts when Xia Xibei came over.

“That’s Brother Qiao’s driver.”

Xia Xibei wasn’t planning to hide things from her.

She wanted to turn down the service at first, but Old Chen had told her that it was Qiao Yanjue’s order, and his pay would be deducted if he failed to oblige.

Besides, it would be ungracious of her to make him go back just like that, since he was there already.

In the end, she had no choice but to get in the car.

“Brother Qiao’s driver?” Song Jiaren was instantly overwhelmed with envy. “Brother Qiao is so good to you! I wish I had a brother like him!”

It was a pity that she was an only child and would never get to have such a great brother.

Xia Xibei and Qiao Yanjue weren’t even biologically related, but she was envious because Qiao Yanjue was just so amazing!

When she finished expressing her envy, Song Jiaren said, “Oh, by the way, the school’s holding a beauty contest next week. Do you wanna take part?”

Every year, the school had many activities planned for the month of May, and that was the time when students could bring their talents into full play.

Qing Ye High School had a large student population, so there was never a shortage of rich, talented, and good-looking students.

“School beauty contest?” Xia Xibei raised her brows.

“Ah, no, it’s actually a talent contest, but it’s not very different from a school beauty contest,” Song Jiaren explained. “If you go for it, you’ll get first place for sure! And you’ll be the school beauty by then!”

Speaking of the school beauty, Song Jiaren couldn’t help but give a cold snort, “Didn’t Xia Qinghan gain the title of the school beauty because of last year’s contest?”

Xia Qinghan had been crowned the school beauty right upon joining the school as a freshman.

During the talent contest, she went onstage and played the violin, getting first place in the end and becoming the official school beauty.

Song Jiaren hadn’t given much thought to Xia Qinghan in the past, as there wasn’t much interaction between them. The most she had done was envy Xia Qinghan’s good looks every once in a while.

However, Song Jiaren had started to actively dislike Xia Qinghan after getting to know Xia Xibei. Her disgust for Xia Qinghan only culminated when she framed Xia Xibei for stealing things.

She was exactly the kind of hypocritical b*tch that she had seen in dramas!

Furthermore, how else was Xia Qinghan better than Xia Xibei, apart from her well-off family? Was she even as pretty as Xia Xibei?

As for talent, Song Jiaren was confident in Xia Xibei.

Xia Xibei would absolutely crush Xia Qinghan if she went on stage!

By then, the title of school beauty would no longer be hers to enjoy.

“You should go for it! You’re going to become a celebrity anyway, and you’ll have to go on stage sooner or later, so just consider it a rehearsal!”

In fact, Xia Xibei was planning to take part even if Song Jiaren hadn’t tried to persuade her.

Although the school’s talent contest wasn’t a grand-scale one and they wouldn’t be on TV, it was something that the students regarded with great importance.

Every year, the school beauty would make their debut in this contest, and that was how they got selected for the title afterwards.

It was no different this time. Xia Xibei didn’t want to be the big bully in the game, but she felt the need to give Xia Qinghan a major blow.

Her life was about more than just defeating Xia Qinghan, but it pleased her to see Xia Qinghan so miserable and upset.

“Sure, I’ll go for it.”

Song Jiaren clapped her hands in excitement upon getting Xia Xibei’s agreement, “Wonderful! We’ll show everyone what a school beauty with both looks and talent looks like!”

Adding on, Song Jiaren chuckled devilishly, “I’m really looking forward to seeing the look on Xia Qinghan’s face when she hears about this!”

Xia Qinghan would choke on rage if she knew this, wouldn’t she!

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