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Chapter 288: Production and Sales All-in-One

Liu Manhong was ecstatic.

Having been in the beauty industry for so many years, she had a sensitivity towards skin care products that others couldn’t match.

As soon as these lotions and eye creams were applied onto her face, she had noticed the difference.

The Hongyan cream was actually also a moisturizing cream that slowed down the aging process. Many customers spent money in the store because of this face cream. It could be said that the Hongyan cream was their signature product.

But now, the Hongyan face cream was easily defeated by Xia Xibei’s introductory level skin care products.

And this was only the introductory formula!

“What are intermediate and advanced level products like?”

It took Liu Manhong a while to calm down, but when she did, she posed a serious question.

If the introductory level product was this amazing, wouldn’t the intermediate and advanced level products be insanely good?!

“The introductory formula works okay and needs to be used every day to maintain the effect. However, this is only a superficial change,” Xia Xibei explained with a smile. “The intermediate formula, which is a combination of internal and external use, will have a better effect.

“After you apply it for six months, with both inside and outside impact, you will appear several years younger. As for the advanced formula… It is also both internal and external use. However, the effect is more obvious. After a full course of treatment, the fountain of youth is also possible.”

Several years younger, the fountain of youth… These keywords made Liu Manhong breathe heavier.

“Are you… Are you for real?”

“Aren’t the facts right in front of your eyes?” Xia Xibei shrugged.

Liu Manhong looked back at the bottle in her hand, feeling as if she was suffocating.

It was not that she’d seen too little of the world and made too much of a fuss. It was that she’d seen the world and there was nothing this amazing!

Many big-name skincare products focused on delaying aging but could any of them claim the fountain of youth?!


“Don’t worry, they all use all-natural ingredients and are not harmful.”

Liu Manhong’s expression became even more shocked, her chest rising and falling sharply.

It was a while before she took in several deep breaths and pushed down the shock in her heart.

“What about the production volume?”

Even if the products were great, if production couldn’t keep up, it was useless. If they could only make one set after a long time, then who could they sell it to? And even if they did sell it for a high price, they wouldn’t make that much of a profit.

There were so many rich people in the world. It would be a shame not to profit off of all of them!

“The production quantity is negotiable.” Xia Xibei’s expression was serious, as she elaborated, “For now, I am the one who has the production method, so the yield is relatively low, but I will work with Huo Zijun, Brother Huo, afterwards.”

“Huo Zijun? The Huo family’s third son?” Of course Liu Manhong knew of Huo Zijun, and she also knew that his family owned a chain of pharmacies.

“Right,” Xia Xibei nodded, “When the time comes and the skin care products are produced, we will provide them to the beauty salon.”

This was production and sales all-in-one.

“But I will still possess the advanced formula,” Xia Xibei added.

“Of course!” Liu Manhong nodded.

Based on Xia Xibei’s explanation just now, the advanced formula was unbelievable, so of course she needed to keep it in her own hands.

While Huo Zijun was trustworthy, these things needed to be kept to oneself for peace of mind.

Xia Xibei did not tell her that she actually had even more astounding formulas, which instantly rejuvenated and restored youth forever.

However, even an amazing chef couldn’t cook without the right ingredients. This world was different from her last, and she didn’t have those ingredients.

Still, an introductory formula was enough to impress the people of this world.

As for the advanced formula… She definitely would not reveal it so casually.

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