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Chapter 287: Instantaneous Effects

Liu Manhong could feel a change the moment the liquid was smeared across her face, her skin becoming much more bouncy right after.

She took out a mirror and couldn’t help but be stunned when she looked at her reflection.

Liu Manhong was in her forties already. Although people couldn’t tell her age due to her skin care routine and the fact that she put on make-up, women at this age simply couldn’t achieve youthful skin without some medical intervention.

However, she realized that the skin on her face became bouncy and moist right after applying the product, as if it had been fully hydrated again!

“This is eye serum,” Xia Xibei explained, handing her another vial.

Before Liu Manhong said anything, she stuck out her ring finger and retrieved a tiny bit of the eye serum. With the same technique, she smeared it in circles around her eye.

This time, she only applied it around one eye.

Just like the lotion, the eye serum was quickly absorbed into the skin.

Once again, she raised the mirror after applying, and couldn’t help but draw in a sharp breath!

It was magical!

In the mirror, she could clearly see that the fine wrinkles in the area where she had applied the eye serum had toned down significantly.

The contrast seemed much more obvious when compared to the other eye!

The wrinkles around the eye where the serum wasn’t applied were more obvious, and the corner of the eye was even sagging slightly, making her seem rather old.

In comparison, the eye around which the serum was applied was exuding vitality!

The appearance of the eyes alone could show the age difference!

Tentatively, Liu Manhong touched the area beneath her eye with the pads of her fingers, clearly able to feel the resilience of the skin.

On the other eye, however, the resilience was so much worse.

The contrast left her astonished. The effects were too instantaneous, weren’t they!

She abruptly turned around and grasped Xia Xibei’s arms, demanding, “Did you really make these on your own?!”

Having been grabbed so suddenly, Xia Xibei nearly flung her over on reflex, but luckily managed to hold herself back just in time.

“Of course I did,” she replied with a smile. “How is it? It wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“This is way more than just not bad!” Liu Manhong’s voice was breaking from the agitation and excitement. “This is a downright miracle!”

It was important to note that even medical intervention might not work as rapidly or wondrously.

But these things did!

So many women spent countless dollars purchasing skincare products to delay aging, didn’t they?

Sometimes, however, the desired effects simply could not be obtained, no matter how much money one spent.

If they ever got to know how horrifyingly fast these little vials worked, they would go crazy!

“How well did it work, if compared to your Beauty Cream?”

“The difference is between heaven and earth!” Liu Manhong remarked ungraciously, not holding back even though the Beauty Cream used to be the most prized product in her salon.

Having experienced the magical effects of these items, the Beauty Cream would never be able to impress her again.

“These are just the preliminary concoctions.”

Those words caused Liu Manhong to become dumbfounded.

“Preliminary concoctions?!” Her voice was so strident that King Chu nearly lost its grip on the wall at the corner.

King Chu turned around, feeling even more confused as it looked at its delirious owner.

What the hell was wrong with this world?!

How could Liu Manhong know what her dog was thinking? She was clinging on tightly to Xia Xibei, questioning her, “What do you mean by preliminary concoctions? Is it the same as what I’m thinking right now?”

Xia Xibei chuckled, “I don’t know what you mean, but what I’m saying is that there will be intermediate and advanced concoctions coming up.”

Liu Manhong’s eyes widened in shock and she drew in a sharp breath. She was so happy, she nearly passed out!

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