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Chapter 282: Play the Game to the End

Liu Manhong’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and her breathing quickened.

“Damn, they’re outrageous!”

She kicked the sofa, and with a bang, lopsided the sofa.

This sight caused King Chu to holler and hide behind Xia Xibei with his tail tucked.

“Sister Hong, are you okay?” the woman on the other end asked in worry.

“It’s okay. Thank you for telling me. I’ll take care of it.”

Liu Manhong hung up and tossed the phone on the coffee table. Then she collapsed on the sofa.

King Chu astutely discovered that his owner was very angry now, and he shouldn’t go over.

Seeing that Xia Xibei was about to go over, he whimpered and stretched out a paw to pull her back.

‘Don’t go!’

Xia Xibei smiled and patted his head. She walked in front of Liu Manhong, asking, “Sister Hong, has the formula leaked?”

Liu Manhong flushed with anger, shouting, “Those scumbags! They stole my employees, and they stole my product! I won’t let them get away with this!”

She was angry when her employees were poached, but now the Wan family had stolen the formula for her Hongyan cream, which she worked so hard to develop. It was downright hateful!

At this moment, Liu Manhong gritted her teeth with hatred.

“Should we sue them?”

“No, it’s useless to sue them!” Liu Manhong shook her head. “If they dared to play this trick, naturally they are not afraid of me suing them.”

And going through legal means would take a long time. Even if she did sue them, they would have ways of dealing with it.

“They want to play this game to the end!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Then we’ll play it to the end,” Xia Xibei said with a smile.

Liu Manhong was stunned, wondering how she could smile so happily.

“I have something even better than the Hongyan cream.” Xia Xibei’s smile stayed the same. She lowered her voice, as if she was the devil tempting Liu Manhong, “When you use these things, you will be radiant and beautiful.”

Liu Manhong’s expression changed when hearing her voice, and then her eyes suddenly widened, “Are you talking about…?!”

Liu Manhong’s expression was so shocked that she made Xia Xibei laugh out loud, “Hahaha! You think too much!”

Her hearty laughter made Liu Manhong speechless. What did she mean with her mysterious tone?

Xia Xibei returned to her original voice and explained, “I have a skincare pill and various skin care products. The effect is immediate and absolutely incredible!”

Liu Manhong looked at her suspiciously, wondering, “Are you kidding me?”

“Why would I be kidding?” Xia Xibei shrugged. “What I said is true.”

She had wanted to work with Liu Manhong before, but she hadn’t found an opportunity to do so.

Now was the perfect chance.

“Really?” Liu Manhong was still in disbelief. How could a young woman have such things?

Besides, if Xia Xibei had such a beauty formula, she could have sold it to big companies. She would definitely make a lot of money.

“I’ll show you.” Xia Xibei stood up, “I’ll go home and get it.”

Then she opened the door and went out without waiting for Liu Manhong to reply.

As soon as she got to her door, the next door opened and Qiao Yanjue walked out.

“Why did you come back so late?” His tone was calm and there was no obvious problem, but his face was a bit unhappy.

It was almost 11 pm. Who would come back so late?

In the dim light by the door, Xia Xibei didn’t pay attention to his expression. She answered casually, “I’ve been back a while now. I was chatting with Sister Hong. Now I have to go downstairs again.”

“I’ll head down with you,” Qiao Yanjue blurted out.

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