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Chapter 281: Poached

Fortunately, Xia Xibei quickly covered up her ruthlessness and asked Liu Manhong, “How many people did they poach?”

Liu Manhong recovered, shaking her head as she snorted, “Several beauticians with many years of experience.”

Before the Wan family opened their beauty salon on the next block, they had poached seven beauticians from her at a high price.

These beauticians took Liu Manhong years to train, and they were now poached away. Of course she was distressed and angry.

Although there were other beauticians left in the salon, the technique of the beautician was very important.

Even using the same product, beauticians using different techniques would get different results.

First, they had poached away the beauticians; next, they would poach the customers.

After all, many customers liked to stay with familiar beauticians because they knew their skin conditions best and provided good services.

Having to find a new beautician and becoming familiar with them once again would annoy the customer.

Even if Liu Manhong didn’t say anything, Xia Xibei understood the problem.

She suddenly smiled, “Sister Hong, are the beautician’s techniques very important?”

“What do you think?” Liu Manhong glanced at her. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have such a headache.”

It took time to train excellent beauticians, but she didn’t have time. If the services weren’t great, the customers would leave after a visit or two.

Hongyan Salon’s customers were regulars for many years. Even if the beauticians had changed, they would continue to come to the salon, but that was only temporary.

If they weren’t satisfied, sooner or later, they would leave.

And no one knew what the Wan family would do next…

“What about your products?” Asked Xia Xibei.

“Some are purchased from outside the salon, but most of them are made here. Don’t worry, they’re legal.”

Liu Manhong was not petty about money, so every time a new product came on the market, she would make preparations so that the business could survive for a long time.

“Are they effective?”

“Of course, otherwise people wouldn’t pick our salon.”

Liu Manhong had spent a lot of effort growing the beauty salon to its present-day scale.

However, no matter how effective these beauty products were, they must be combined with the right techniques. Therefore, these products were all to be used at the salon, not sold on the market.

These products were costly to produce, and if they sold less of them for cheaper prices, they would lose money!

To be honest, a beauty salon’s success depended on the skills and techniques of its technicians. The products were secondary.

“If there was a better product that anyone could easily use, would you be interested?” Xia Xibei asked.

“Of course!” Liu Manhong said dismissively. “If there was such a product, who wouldn’t want it…”

As she talked, her eyes were almost closing.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

The harsh ringing awakened her, causing her to almost roll off of the sofa.

“Bark!” King Chu was also taken aback, yelling at the phone.

Liu Manhong frowned and took the phone, accidentally pressing the speakerphone key.

“Sister Hong, is your Hongyan cream being sold anywhere?” a female voice sounded.

“What?” Liu Manhong frowned, and her heart skipped a beat. “What do you mean?”

“I had a facial at the Xianrong salon today. I felt that their products were similar to yours, and they smelled the same too. I was wondering if you had sold any to them.”

Liu Manhong suddenly sat up, her expression changing instantly.

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