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Chapter 279: The Wan Family

Xia Xibei went home after the dinner.

Before returning to her own home, however, she went to visit Liu Manhong.

Right as the gates opened up, King Chu pounced on her.

The dog was excited at first, but when it got near and smelled the scents of many other cats and dogs on Xia Xibei, it erupted in anger.

How dare you have affairs with other animals!

It started weeping right away, looking extremely aggrieved.

Xia Xibei was unsure whether to laugh or cry after listening to its complaints.

All she could do was stroke its fur in an attempt to comfort it, but she wouldn’t make any promises.

That it would be her one and only dog from now on?

That was impossible!

That was also the reason why Xia Xibei could never have pets; she had to divide her love equally.

If she got entangled with other cuties out there, wouldn’t her pets cry to death when she got home?

Liu Manhong couldn’t help but shake her head as she watched Xia Xibei comforting King Chu.

After meeting Xia Xibei, her dog seemed to have unlocked its innate talents, and was now marching dauntlessly in the direction of a pure-bred husky.

Snuggled up on the couch, Liu Manhong asked in an idle manner, “You went for the audition today, right? How did it go?”

“I passed, of course,” Xia Xibei raised her gaze and flashed her a confident smile.

“Congratulations!” Liu Manhong applauded with exhilaration, “That means I’ll be seeing your work in the theater soon, right? I’m gonna be booking the entire place!”

“Not that soon,” Xia Xibei shook her head. “It’s just the role that has been decided. The film crew still needs some time to get ready.”

Actors wouldn’t be joining the crew until all the preparations were in place. Even after filming, there was editing, finalization, and publicity to be tackled before the film could be seen on the big screen.

Filming duration was different for TV series and movies. Besides, based on Director Jiang Shenghe’s past experiences, the movie would not be aired until at least a year from now.

Hence, Xia Xibei wasn’t anxious about it.

“It doesn’t matter, you have my support,” Liu Manhong shot her a playful look.

“Whoof!” Out of nowhere, King Chu barked at her.

Liu Manhong was speechless.

Getting up from the couch, eyes wide and teeth gritted in anger, she scolded King Chu, “Stupid dog!”

Who the hell was its actual owner?!

“Whoof!” Stupid owner!

Xia Xibei was silent on this matter. Instead, she hurriedly changed the subject to forestall the human-dog war, questioning her, “Sister Hong, how’s business at the beauty salon been lately?”

She didn’t seem quite energetic.

“As usual,” Liu Manhong replied, laying down on the couch listlessly, looking weary. “There’s a new beauty salon nearby, and they stole many of my beauticians.”

Xia Xibei was stunned for a second.

“Is it a big beauty salon?”

“Yea,” Liu Manhong yawned, “Very big. The owner has quite an impressive background too.”

“Who’s the owner?” Xia Xibei asked, curious.

Liu Manhong was Qiao Yanjue’s aunt, the sister-in-law of the Qiao family’s master. That was a powerful status, but now there was someone who was daring enough to rival her?

Starting a business was completely acceptable but stealing your competitor’s workforce was rather unscrupulous.

“The Wan family.”

Liu Manhong had no intention of hiding things from Xia Xibei either. After all, they had a “mother-daughter” relationship now, so she couldn’t just keep her in the dark.

“The Wans?” Xia Xibei echoed, her face falling a little.

Liu Manhong’s eyelids were drooping due to sleepiness, so she didn’t notice Xia Xibei’s reaction. “The maiden family of the Qiao’s eldest daughter-in-law.”

Xia Xibei’s expression turned precarious right away.

She knew about it without even needing Liu Manhong to explain the situation.

Moreover, her feud with the Wan family wasn’t a minor one.

When she got attacked by netizens back in her first life, the Wans had contributed to the drama, apart from Xia Qinghan and her squad.

She hadn’t expected Liu Manhong to have developed some strife with them too.

Liu Manhong explained, “The eldest children of the Qiao family have a distaste for my sister and I, so they take every chance they can get to find fault with us.”

She hadn’t expected them to come attacking head on, though.

Apparently, Qiao Yanjue’s presence had been giving them a hard time.

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