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Chapter 278: Five Thousand and Fifty Thousand

Nie Zehai was delighted, eagerly asking, “What’s the price?”

“As for the price… We can talk about it,” Xia Xibei said with a smile. “I can give you a discount for sure, but others have to pay the original price.”

Nie Zehai couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the cunning, foxy smile that Xia Xibei was wearing, begging, “Tell me! How much is it?”

“For you, 5,000 yuan per piece. For others, 50,000 yuan per piece.”

The price that she had stated made all three of them draw in a sharp breath at once.

That was unbelievable!

Moreover, the price difference between the two sides was way too big! She really did give him a discount… A 90% discount!

“This is… This is way too expensive, isn’t it!”

In great shock, Yu Ziqi stared at the used mask that had been tossed onto the table by Xia Xibei. He almost had the urge to bring it back and frame it.

This was a mask that cost 50,000 yuan per piece!

Although Yu Ziqi came from a wealthy family, his pocket money wasn’t unlimited. At least, he had never thought of purchasing a mask that cost 50,000 yuan.

“It isn’t that expensive.”

Surprisingly, it was Pan Yan who made that remark.

Lifting the thin piece of mask from the table, he explained, “Most people wouldn’t need to use such things, while those who do need them… They don’t mind the cost.”

Fifty thousand yuan might be most people’s annual income, but as far as the high-paid celebrities were concerned, that wasn’t a big sum of money.

Furthermore, they would be willing to pay any price for the sake of their own privacy.

“You’re right,” Nie Zehai nodded, “No offense, but if the reporters out there managed to capture some unpleasant scenes involving them, it would cost them at least a million yuan to buy those clips or photos back.”

They would have to spend a great deal of money to retrieve any photos or clips that could affect their career. Besides, it wasn’t guaranteed that they would be safe—who knew if the reporters had kept a back-up, ready to expose them someday?

Hence, this was definitely cheaper, and much better in comparison.

Moreover, it wasn’t like they had to use it every day. It would only come in handy when they were doing things that were meant to be secretive or wanted to move around unseen.

This was part of their essential expenses.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Xia Xibei said with great emotion. “I believe that they know what’s the right choice to make.”

“Rest assured, these masks will sell very well,” Nie Zehai added.

If those popular artists out there learnt about the existence of something like this, they surely would fight for it.

Reporters and fans could be easily avoided once they had these weapons in their hands… That was their wildest dream!

“But you can’t expose me, though,” Xia Xibei stated in a serious manner.

“Why?” Yu Ziqi queried.

“If they know it was me who made it, I’ll never be able to live in peace. I have to stay mysterious.”

Nie Zehai understood Xia Xibei’s concern, so he nodded, “Sure, I won’t tell anyone about it.”

“Neither will I,” Pan Yan followed suit.

“I won’t either.” Yu Ziqi made a mouth-zipping gesture, “If I spread the word, sister Jia will beat me to death.”

He definitely didn’t want to get a taste of Song Jiaren’s violence.

“How many more of these masks do you still have?” Nie Zehai asked.

“This is the only one I have left at hand,” Xia Xibei replied, looking at the remaining little ball.

“If you want them, I’ll make more when I get home, but it’ll take some time.”

With an unfaltering look on her face, Xia Xibei swindled them—she would never tell them that she could make ten of these overnight!

“Alright, I’ll take five to begin with. I’ll pay the original price.”

Xia Xibei shook her head, “You’ve been of great help to me. I have to give you the discount.”

She had wanted to give them to him for free at first, but having considered his future development, she thought it was better to accept his money.

Nie Zehai did not insist any further, accepting the offer, “Thanks a lot, then.”

“I’ll be done with them in a fortnight, and I’ll send them to you,” Xia Xibei said in the end.

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