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Chapter 274: Should Have Been Strangers

“You are only a teenager now, don’t waste your time on these things! You have a bright future ahead of you!” Pan Yan said sincerely.

He had been in this circle for a few years and he had seen many ups and downs, feeling his fair share of resignation and helplessness.

The male stars were alright and more sensible.

However, there were so many actresses whose IQs plummeted when they fell in love!

They had extremely bright futures ahead of them, but they gave it all up for a man, or sacrificed themselves for their lover, and forever lost their good fortune!

They were at the peak of their careers, but they dropped out from the entertainment world and went home to their husbands and children.

If they had stayed happy at that point, it wouldn’t have been so regrettable.

Unfortunately, after they sacrificed their lives in this way, very few of them stayed happy for long!

If they had focused on their careers, it definitely would have been better than this!

Every time he saw the married lives of these actresses, Pan Yan felt a lot of pity for them!

And for a young woman like Xia Xibei, the most important thing was to make a career first, then she could think about feelings.

“When you make it, there will be a lot of handsome guys for you to choose from! Don’t give up the entire forest for the sake of a single tree!”

Pan Yan’s words made the corners of Xia Xibei’s mouth twitch.

Of course she wouldn’t reject this kind of rationale, but the problem was- She didn’t have any thoughts about getting into a relationship right now, so why was he telling her this?!

“Don’t worry, I won’t be so stupid,” Xia Xibei said with resignation. She didn’t want to argue with him too much, so she could only reply earnestly.

“That’s good!”

Pan Yan breathed a sigh of relief, but thought to himself, ‘I must keep an eye on her and definitely not let her go off-track!

Such a good prospect, so young and pretty with so much potential… How could she be blinded by feelings so early?!’

Xia Xibei didn’t know what Pan Yan was thinking. In fact, she didn’t think about the topic at all.

Moreover, she didn’t think Qiao Yanjue would have any thoughts about her.

In her memory, Qiao Yanjue had a fiancée.

Although she didn’t know when they would get together, it would have been in a year or two at most.

Xia Xibei had seen Qiao Yanjue’s fiancée. She was a well-educated beauty with a superior family background and an elegant temperament.

Although Xia Xibei had no opinions on this woman, Qiao Yanjue’s family background and own features were well-matched with hers.

So, even if Qiao Yanjue had nothing to do with that woman now, she didn’t want to get involved.

Had it not been for so many accidents in this life, she and Qiao Yanjue would have been strangers.

Now, it was enough to be able to eat peacefully with Qiao Yanjue and care about each other like siblings.

As for anything else… Pan Yan was thinking too much into it!

Although Xia Xibei was confident that she could make something of herself and maybe even surpass Qiao’s family in the future, Qiao’s family was too complicated. She was fine on her own, so why would she want to get involved in their drama?

Moreover, Qiao Yanjue was gentle and close to her only because she had saved him twice.

Thinking of the words Qiao Yanjue had said before, “My life is worth more money,” Xia Xibei couldn’t help but chuckle.

However, in a few months at most, after dealing with things here, Qiao Yanjue would leave G City and return to the Imperial Capital.

After he had “repaid his favor” and there was more distance between them, their relationship would naturally fade away.

Xia Xibei smiled brightly while thinking about this.

The priority now was to make something of herself!

Soon, Yu Ziqi and Nie Zehai arrived, one after another.

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