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Chapter 269: Too Sad

What magic power did Xia Xibei have?!

Why did these cats and dogs like her so much?!

Bai Meixue and Xia Qinghan stood frozen in place, their faces very awkward.

Bai Meixue had wanted to find an excuse to leave. After all, it was too embarrassing.

But now, she didn’t need to get away at all, because everyone’s attention was on Xia Xibei!

Bai Meixue’s heart was uncomfortable when she saw Xia Xibei become the focus of the crowd once again, as if it was being burned by flames.

It was happening again! Why were they so effortless in gaining everyone’s attention and adoration!

Xia Xibei had nothing now, so why was it like this again? Why?!

Bai Meixue kept shouting in her heart, so much so that her face turned hideous.

If everyone’s attention were not on Xia Xibei, they would find this goddess in everyone’s mind was actually quite terrifying.

However, there were more important things on everyone’s mind.

While people watched, Xia Xibei reached out and touched every animal.

After being stroked, they had different reactions.

The dogs comfortably lay on the ground, flicking their tails in a circle, sticking out their tongues, and grinning.

As for cats, their eyes narrowed in pleasure, collapsing into a pile.

Soon, piles of all different colors appeared on the ground.

The sight made everyone feel different things.

Without exception, however, there was sadness. They were all thinking, ‘Why was my pet so good to a stranger?!’

After finally comforting all the little creatures, Xia Xibei stood up, Honey still in her arms.

Honey nestled in Xia Xibei’s arms and looked condescendingly at all the cats and dogs below, feeling extremely proud.


It raised its head and licked Xia Xibei’s neck, full of affection.

“Okay, don’t make trouble,” Xia Xibei smiled and moved its head away. There were barbs on its tongue, which made it a bit uncomfortable to be licked.

Honey didn’t insist, nestling back contentedly.

After Xia Xibei calmed down Honey, she turned her head to look, so frightened by everyone’s eyes that she almost jumped up.

Everyone’s eyes pointedly revealed a message: How dare you seduce my baby! You’re shameless!

Xia Xibei had seen such a sad look in many people’s eyes. Ren Juncheng and Yu Ziqi had the same look almost every day, and she had long since become immune.

However, there were many people here, and all of them had the same look, which was very creepy.

She felt as if she would be attacked by the crowd in the very next second.

Looking at the cats and dogs on the ground once again, she couldn’t help but show an awkward smile.

She really didn’t want this!

“Great!” An enthusiastic voice sounded, breaking the embarrassing situation. “Awesome!”

Everyone turned their heads and looked, their expressions changing slightly.

For the actors who had finished their auditions, their faces became even more unpleasant.

These people were the bosses of the production team, including Jiang Shenghe, the director, and the producer!

It was obvious that they were very satisfied with Xia Xibei.

Thinking about what had happened just now, no one could say anything.

Although they didn’t know what magic Xia Xibei had used, she was undoubtedly the “Queen of Animals” based on her performance just now.


A middle-aged man came over and applauded her, his eyes filled with surprise and admiration. “How did you do it?”

Everyone’s expressions became even more mixed, because this person was Jiang Shenghe, the director who controlled their destiny!

Xia Xibei was startled for a moment, then smiled, “This is my secret, I can’t tell you.”

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