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Chapter 268: She’s the Queen of Animals

Because of the special circumstances of this audition, the space rented by the crew was very spacious, the outside hall containing at least 100 square meters.

And now, there was a magical sight in this hall.

In the center of the hall, a beautiful girl was surrounded by cats and dogs, big and small, who had all spread out around her in a circle.

This scene reminded people of a certain kind of sacrifice.

Their god was in the middle, surrounded by devout believers.

This fantastic scene shocked everyone.

What was happening?!

However, this situation was obviously different from human sacrifices, because these cats and dogs were not very obedient.

Someone with a sharp eye saw a Russian Blue cat on the ground; it tried to squeeze in to get closer to Xia Xibei, kicking the Teddy dog next to it.

After kicking the dog, it continued to meow, acting very innocent.

Noone knew what to say. What kind of spell were these cats and dogs under?

Several casting agents turned their eyes to the girl in the middle, stunned.

They had seen a lot of beautiful girls today, and they were used to seeing plenty of beautiful women, but this girl’s beauty was beyond their imagination.

Her eyes and eyebrows were exquisite and picturesque. More would be too much and less would be too plain, but they were just right.

The girls who came to the audition had all tried their best to make their makeup and clothes appear exquisite and gorgeous, attempting to make themselves similar to the character setting of “Queen of Animals.”

However, this girl’s makeup was simple and clean.

Such clean makeup made her look more ethereal and delicate. The simple green dress, with her long hair draped across her back and no luxurious accessories in sight, made her look like an elf walking out of the forest.

She smiled and looked helplessly at the small animals around her, like a compassionate and noble fairy queen.

At this moment, a scene suddenly appeared in their minds.

On the blooming meadow, the noble elf queen was surrounded by animals. Every creature wanted to get near her, jumping desperately in order to receive her gentle touch.

At this moment, she was not the queen of animals; she was the elf queen, chosen by nature.

This moment amazed and excited everyone, so much so that they couldn’t bear to go up and break this beautiful scene.



Everyone stood quietly in place, but the animals did not have such patience. In order to compete for Xia Xibei’s love, they were about to fight, especially when they saw her petting other cats and dogs. At that point, they became even more excited, trying to squeeze forward.

Halfway through, two dogs yelled at each other, wanting to drive the other out.

These noises jolted everyone out of their thoughts.

Xia Xibei looked resigned, softly but firmly stating, “You can’t fight!”

When she said that, the two dogs, who were baring their teeth, quickly stopped being angry. Their tails shook and their tongues stuck out, and one couldn’t see their old confrontation at all.

Everyone was shocked speechless!

What was this?

“Xibei…” Pan Yan was also stunned by this scene.

He had known that Xia Xibei had an affinity for animals, but he did not expect that it would be this strong!

This was supernatural! Did she become a monster?! Was she even human?!

Xia Xibei sighed helplessly after meeting everyone’s shocked eyes.

She didn’t think that things would turn out like this. She really wanted to be low-key!

This was all because of Xia Qinghan! If she hadn’t brought Pudding over, things wouldn’t have been derailed and ended up this way.

However, looking at Xia Qinghan and Bai Meixue, their faces were darker than the bottom of the pot.

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