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Chapter 267: The Scene of a Large Fake Accident

Xia Xibei squatted down and touched Pudding’s head. She smiled and held a cat in her arms too. This scene left a deep impression on many people.

A beautiful and vibrant girl, cute pets… People and animals in harmony… Just looking at the scene made people feel warm.

Everyone was attracted to Xia Xibei, so no one paid attention to their own pets.



As Xia Xibei relaxed, the atmosphere also eased up.

So, before everyone could react, all the cats and dogs present rushed towards Xia Xibei as if they had seen their favorite treat.


“Watch out!”

Everyone became terrified as they watched their cats and dogs suddenly rushing towards Xia Xibei.

Was this an animal riot? Xia Xibei would get hurt!

Everyone watched this scene in amazement. Some people rushed over, but they couldn’t match the speed of these little creatures.

As a result, everyone could only watch these pets rush to Xia Xibei, and then—they all fell down!

Fell… Fell down?!

Whether it was a cat or a dog, when they reached Xia Xibei, they all lay down on the ground, revealing their soft bellies.

What the- The scene of a large fake accident?!

Everyone was dumbfounded watching the ground become covered in bellies.

Were they drugged? Fainting?

Could it be that Xia Xibei had sprayed something that made cats and dogs faint?


“Da Zhuang!”


The owners screamed in shock, thinking that something had happened to their little babies.

However, before they went up, they saw their little babies rolling in place, and after rolling to Xia Xibei’s feet, they resumed their four-legged posture. Some even stretched their paws to reach her knees, begging for a hug.

Everyone was shocked. Were they seeing things?!

They had suspected that there was something wrong with their pets, but these actions let them know that there was nothing wrong with the animals at all! They were all very lively!



They fell at Xia Xibei’s feet, making sweet whining noises, which softened people’s hearts but also made the owners feel sad.

What was wrong with their babies?!

One girl had just finished her audition, and she walked out while holding her cute little cat.

Before the door even closed, the cat in her arms broke free from her grip.

“Mimi!” the girl immediately yelled in shock.

Her anxiety surprised the people inside, everyone standing up involuntarily.

The endless shouts from outside gave them an ominous premonition. They looked at each other and quickly walked out.

In fact, they had found a certain candidate for this audition. Xia Qinghan, who was recommended by Bai Meixue, was quite good.

Although her acting skills were untried, she had quite an aura.

She was very beautiful, the Ragdoll cat was cute, and their cat-human interaction was pleasant to watch.

Moreover, Xia Qinghan was recommended by Bai Meixue.

Although Bai Meixue’s popularity had dropped a lot because of her age and the number of rising stars in the circle, she still had her background, complete with great acting skills and many awards.

With her here, Xia Qinghan could learn a lot.

They also knew that they would definitely get special effects when it was needed. Who could really get close to lions and tigers? The Queen of Animals only existed in books and movies.

Therefore, after an overall comparison, several people were willing to vote for Xia Qinghan.

However, when they walked outside, they couldn’t help but be stunned by the scene before them!

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