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Chapter 264: An One-Sided Beating

Xia Qinghan was shocked and hopeful when she saw Pudding leap towards Xia Xibei.

What if Pudding scratched Xia Xibei and ruined her nasty face?!

What Xia Qinghan hated the most was Xia Xibei’s face. Every time she saw it, she felt uncomfortable.

If she was truly scratched by the cat, she would be affected, maybe even needing surgery later on.

Thinking of this, Xia Qinghan became very excited.

However, as soon as she had this vicious thought, she was dumbfounded.

Pudding swiftly landed, and before anyone could react, it flew into Xia Xibei’s arms.


Honey was lying in Xia Xibei’s arms, drowsy from being caressed, and its eyes were almost squinted.

Suddenly, sensing an unfamiliar scent, it opened its eyes. As it watched an equally pretty cat rushing toward it, or more accurately, Xia Xibei’s arms, it suddenly became angry!

Its claws opened and a cat vs. cat fight began.

People watched Honey slap Pudding to the ground with two swipes!

But that wasn’t all.

Honey soon broke free from Xia Xibei’s arms and punched Pudding angrily.

“Meow! Meow!” it screeched. ‘I will beat you!’

“Meow~” Pudding was caught off guard, only able to dodge left and right for a while. It gave out helpless cries but couldn’t avoid Honey’s attack.

Everyone present was dumbfounded at seeing the two cats fighting!

Actually, it was a Chinchilla cat who was unilaterally beating a Ragdoll cat! It was adorable in its fierceness, and not to be messed with!

What the-

The Chinchilla cat and the Ragdoll cat were both very docile cats. They rarely fought, so why were they fighting now?!

“Stop fighting!”

Pudding’s owner felt distressed, as her baby was beaten without any strength to fight back. This would simply kill her!

However, she didn’t dare to go up too rashly. If this Chinchilla went nuts, she might be scratched!

“Honey! Stop!”

Xia Xibei was also stunned by Honey’s outburst. Recovering, she hurriedly called out for them to stop.

However, Honey was still upset.

What did this cat want? Was it attacking it or its big treasure?

Honey wanted to continue punching but was suddenly plucked up by the neck by Xia Xibei.

When Xia Xibei acted, everyone took a deep breath.

When cats and dogs were fighting, most people couldn’t get involved. Even if the fight wasn’t lethal, it would be awful if you got scratched. If your face was hurt, it would be even more troublesome.

Under everyone’s horrified gazes, Xia Xibei’s hand moved to lift Honey up.

Being caught by its weak spot, Honey waved its paws twice in the air, then dropped down in vain, looking a bit pitiful.

“I’m telling you to stop fighting!”

Xia Xibei wanted to laugh. Honey was getting bossier and bossier!

“If you hit anyone… Any cat, I’ll stop playing with you!”

With these words, Honey’s pupils shrank, and its body became tense.

“Meow!” it yelled immediately. Its body softened and its voice was full of grievances, begging for mercy.

It was that little b*tch who started the fight!

Xia Xibei couldn’t even react. Pudding just wanted to get close to her.

Because she was off in a remote area, other cats and dogs did not react much after being comforted.

However, Pudding had just been brought towards her by Xia Qinghan, so its reaction was a bit enthusiastic.

Too bad that it met Honey and was almost overwhelmed.

Pudding’s owner quickly picked up the cat and looked at the scratch marks on its body, feeling heartbroken.

Regardless of how she felt, she still couldn’t blame Xia Xibei.

After all, her cat had started the fight.

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