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Chapter 263: There’s No Conflict

There were more than 40 auditionees at the moment.

With each of the 40 auditionees taking up a few minutes, the day passed at a pretty fast pace.

Everyone watched the other auditionees vigilantly, with their pets in their arms or on a leash.

The pets that had been brought here were all good-looking. If they were posted on social media, people would go crazy over their cuteness.

However, they noticed that their pets seemed somewhat distraught and anxious. If they hadn’t been carrying them or holding their leashes, they might have run loose by now.

They comforted their pets while looking around in confusion but couldn’t seem to figure out what the problem was.

Luckily, their pets gradually calmed down towards the end, causing the owners to sigh in relief.

The animals probably got worked up because this was their first time here with so many other cats and dogs around, and they were alright now that they had gotten used to it.

They could finally prepare for the audition at ease, the animals no longer moving around restlessly.

In fact, Xia Xibei was the one who had comforted these clever, little things with her spiritual power, concealing her scent, thus returning peace to the scene.

Although she knew that these little things whom the humans loved so much were all pretty sensitive, she hadn’t expected all the cats and dogs here to be so equally sensitive.

If not for her suppression and the owners holding them back, they might have already dashed towards her.

If all the cats and dogs gathered around her, a commotion would ensue for certain.

She had come here in the hopes of completing the audition in peace, not to make a big scene.

After caressing Honey, which lay so comfortably in her arms that it almost fell asleep, Xia Xibei took a look at the numbered card in her hand.

How lucky was she to nearly have gotten the last number among so many auditionees?

Beside her, Pan Yan sat with his head hung low, saying in an apologetic manner, “I was really unlucky!”

He couldn’t help but mumble, “Was I not sincere enough this morning?”

Xia Xibei was speechless.

This was the first time she had seen this side of Pan Yan. He was usually very hard working, so why did he still have to pray to the gods?

The waiting time was very long, so she couldn’t help but voice her doubt.

Upon hearing her question, Pan Yan replied with a serious face, “There’s no conflict between praying to the gods and working hard!”

Not even the gods would be able to save a person if he didn’t work hard enough.

Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be good if a hardworking person prayed to the gods? It was best to invest in both!

Was there a conflict between the two? There wasn’t!

The two of them stared at each other for a moment, Xia Xibei looking away first.

What Pan Yan just said sounded very reasonable.

He was a great one indeed!

There were too many people waiting, and the waiting time was very long.

The actors could muster their patience and keep waiting, but their pets did not have such patience.

Moreover, they had to go to WC!

The crew workers had taken that into consideration, preparing cat litter and sand for the pets in another room in order to avoid any smell.

Despite this preparation, however, no one could be sure that the little things would behave well.

They couldn’t help it if the animals decided to make a mess of the place. After all, no one couldn’t reason with animals!

Much to everyone’s surprise, however, the little things did behave well!

They broke free from their owners’ embraces and headed for the “public toilet” to settle their problem.

It wasn’t just one animal who did this but many, and the people couldn’t help but marvel at them.

How were these little things so smart?!

In the meantime, the contributor behind the scene was waiting for her turn to be auditioned, Honey still in her arms.

Xia Qinghan went before her. When she saw Xia Xibei upon coming out of the room, she couldn’t help but approach her, flashing a smug smile.

Before she could even say a word, Pudding broke free from her arms and pounced forward.

“Pudding!” Xia Qinghan and the owner both screamed.

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