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Chapter 262: Why Can’t I Be Here?

When Xia Qinghan saw Xia Xibei in front of her, she almost thought she was seeing an illusion!

Bai Meixue was equally shocked.

“How are you here?!”

The look on Bai Meixue’s face turned extremely awful upon seeing Xia Xibei and the cat in her arms.

If Xia Xibei had come by herself, she could comfort herself that Xia Xibei was probably just passing by.

However, Xia Xibei had brought a cat along, and she had Pan Yan beside her too.

None of these convinced her that Xia Xibei wasn’t here for an obvious reason.

With Honey in her arms, Xia Xibei diverted a small part of her spiritual power to comfort the cat in Xia Qinghan’s arms and help it calm down.

With a face full of innocence, she replied, “I’m just here for the audition.”

“How is that possible!” Xia Qinghan was so worked up that she could no longer maintain her composure and elegance. Her face turned somewhat ferocious, nearly dropping the cat.

Xia Xibei shrugged, “Why not?”

“How did you get here?” Bai Meixue pulled Xia Qinghan over and stood in front of her in an attempt to conceal her loss of temper, “Was it the company’s arrangement?”

Bai Meixue’s face had turned as dark as ink, and she shot a glare at Pan Yan, continuing to ask, “Why did the company arrange work for a trainee at such an early stage?”

Before Pan Yan could speak, Xia Xibei replied, “Sister Xue, you’re mistaken, this wasn’t the company’s arrangement. I was actually recommended by a friend of mine.”

Bai Meixue pulled a long face, extremely displeased. “You just joined the company not long ago. Is there a need to be so eager?”

“Of course,” Xia Xibei shrugged and stroked Honey, which was baring its teeth at Bai Meixue. “People say that fame is better gained when one is young, don’t they? I have to be spontaneous! Also, if we shouldn’t be so eager, why is she here as well? Isn’t she a newbie just like me?”

She pointed at Xia Qinghan, bafflement apparent on her face.

Bai Meixue was so furious that she blurted out, “You two are different!”

“Different?” Xia Xibei was puzzled. “How are we different? She only joined the company a few days before I did, so why can’t I be here as well?”

Bai Meixue felt rather guilty when she met Xia Xibei’s beautiful eyes, so she could only glower at Pan Yan, “The company seems to disallow us from accepting gigs personally, doesn’t it?”

Pan Yan was stunned for a second before replying in a neutral tone, “Sister Xue, it’s not like we are personally taking gigs. Things like this are pretty common, aren’t they? Once we get the role, we’ll inform the company.”

There were so many artists in the company. If everyone were to wait for the company’s arrangements, would they even get a chance to stand out?

Therefore, some of them sought outside resources.

Sure enough, if they were to take part in the filming afterwards, they would have to sign a contract with the company.

This was all just a part of the usual operation, so Pan Yan couldn’t understand what made Bai Meixue so edgy.

Did she think she was the only one with privilege?

This made him rather unhappy, so his tone of voice became a little harsh.

Having been rebutted by Pan Yan, Bai Meixue’s face turned even more ashen.

Nonetheless, she knew that she had no reason to be mad.

Afterall, she had brought Xia Qinghan here for the audition too!

However, to audition was one thing. Getting selected for the role was a whole other matter.

Furthermore, Xia Xibei hadn’t been exposed to acting in the past, unlike Xia Qinghan, whom she had been backing.

How could an inexperienced rookie like her get the role?

As she thought of that, the rage within Bai Meixue gradually died down and she finally managed to put on a smile.

“Alright then, all the best to you.”

“Thank you, sister Xue. I’ll succeed for sure,” Xia Xibei accepted her wish blatantly.

Bai Meixue and Xia Qinghan’s lips twitched, and their faces nearly turned gloomy once again.

Fortunately, the audition started very soon.

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