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Chapter 255: It’s Really Enchanted

Honey joined its two front paws together and shook them twice.

It was clearly begging for mercy!

Everyone was shocked. Honey was begging Asura for mercy?!

Wait, not begging for mercy… Asking for a favor!

“Meow!” Honey yelped again with a soft voice. It was if it was really saying, “Please, please.”

Yu Ziqi couldn’t help but cover his mouth, feeling as if he was going to have a nosebleed.

It was so cute! He had always liked dogs, but why was this cat so cute?!

Asura was also dumbfounded by Honey’s movements.

It stared at Honey with wide eyes, a little wary.

After Honey shook its paws twice and saw no reaction, it tilted its head and stepped forward.

“Bark?” Asura couldn’t help but back up as Honey approached, step by step.

Honey came closer to Asura and then, sticking out its tongue, licked Asura’s fur!

Everyone was stunned!

Generally speaking, cats would only lick and clean other cats’ fur.

Very few people had seen a cat licking a dog’s fur!

Seeing Honey’s flattering demeanor and thinking of its earlier actions, everyone was shocked.

It was trying to kiss-up to Asura!

“What the- My honey!” Ren Juncheng didn’t know whether to feel distressed or angry.

Ren Juncheng knew how arrogant his own cat was. But now it was actually trying to please Asura?! Just to go on an audition with Xia Xibei?! Was it enchanted?!

Asura also felt Honey’s intention and became a little flustered, immediately walking back two steps to avoid Honey.

It had never experienced anything like this before.

Cats had a “I’m number one” temperament; they don’t even care about pleasing their owners, let alone others!

“Meow!” Honey cried softly and leaned closer.

This scared Asura into backing up further.

One ran, one chased. For a while, the cat and dog duo were running in circles.

After being chased for a while, Asura finally stopped.


Fine, it would admit defeat. This was too terrifying!

Seeing Asura’s capitulation, Honey was finally happy.


Then, it raised its head again and arrogantly walked back to Xia Xibei.

It looked up and yelped proudly, “Meow!”

Xia Xibei was also perplexed at hearing the pride in Honey’s voice.

She knew that Honey was smart, but not this smart!

Its efforts frightened Asura so much, the dog didn’t even fight with it.

Xia Xibei bent over, picked it up, and reluctantly tapped the tip of Honey’s nose, “Fine, I’ll take you there.”

“Meow, meow!”

Honey was so happy.

Yu Ziqi and Ren Juncheng were left speechless at the scene. Amazing!

Yu Ziqi looked at Asura, then at Honey, and finally at Ren Juncheng. “Now, tell me honestly, how did you teach Honey to do that? How can your Honey be so enchanted?!”

Ren Juncheng swallowed, stating, “I want to know too!”

Although all pet owners thought that their pets were the cutest and smartest ones in the world, Ren Juncheng had never seen such a smart side to Honey!

Honey’s demonstration of this side was not because of him at all!

Ren Juncheng almost cried at this thought.

Yu Ziqi walked up to Asura and stroked its head, “It’s okay, we will have other chances!”

While Asura had given in, it was still a little disappointed.

Xia Xibei came over and touched its head. “The next time I have an opportunity, I will take you there with me.”

These words immediately revived Asura!

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