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Chapter 254: Which One Should She Take?

“Of course you’re taking my Honey!” Ren Juncheng jumped to his feet with agitation. “Just look at how adorable my Honey is!”


Honey leapt off the ground and jumped right into Xia Xibei’s arms. It found a comfortable position to lie in and started meowing in a soft, sugary voice.

“Of course you’re taking Asura!” Yu Ziqi refused to admit defeat, standing up and fighting for his doggie’s rights.

It was filming that they were talking about! Although selection wasn’t guaranteed, it was a valuable opportunity! Just imagine how delightful it would be to see your dog on TV!

The thought of his pet dog becoming a celebrity filled Yu Ziqi with excitement.


Asura barked when it heard its name, but its envious eyes were glued on Honey, who was snuggled up in Xia Xibei’s arms.

It wanted to be cuddled by Xia Xibei like that too, but it was so much bigger than Honey, so Xia Xibei would need to lift it up instead of cuddling with it.

“My Honey is gorgeous!” Ren Juncheng wouldn’t yield. His Honey was the prettiest and cutest cat in the world! “If you take Honey, you’ll win by default!”

“What a joke!” Yu Ziqi snorted. “My Asura is such a brilliant dog, it’ll definitely be a big star!”

The experienced cat’s slave countered, “My Honey is brilliant too! Kitties are so lovely, who wouldn’t like them?”

The experienced dog’s slave sneered in return, “My Asura is handsome and clever. It can roll on the floor, play dead, and understand all commands! They would love to film a dog as smart as Asura!”

“Honey is so adorable that it doesn’t even have to do anything, It can melt anyone’s heart just by lying there!”

“Asura is handsome, it’s a great honor to take it outside!”

“My Honey…”

“My Asura…”



Xia Xibei’s lips twitched as she listened to their argument before yelling, “Shut up!” She simply couldn’t stand it anymore.

Both the animals and the humans went quiet.

“Enough, stop quarreling!” Xia Xibei rubbed her temples to sooth the pain in her head, continuing, “You guys are both right…”

“Of course I’m right! Look at how handsome Asura is!”

“My Honey is absolutely adorable!”

Xia Xibei was speechless for a few seconds before shouting once again, “Shut up!” She pulled a long face and shot them a fierce glare.

The two of them quickly mimed zipping their mouths.

“Honey and Asura are both pretty and cute and clever. However, I’m only allowed to take one of them with me at this time.”


“Stop!” Xia Xibei rolled her eyes at them, “I have my own plans!”

If she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have told them about it.

But who would have expected Ren Juncheng to come visit them with Honey right at this moment? Since he happened to be around, this predicament was unavoidable.


Honey jumped down from Xia Xibei’s arms and landed on the floor.

With all eyes pinned on it, Honey sauntered towards Asura and stopped in front of it.

“Whoof!” Recalling the time it got punched, Asura nervously took a step back.

Yu Ziqi became nervous as well. His dog was quite a capable one, but it wasn’t his fault that it had a gentle personality.

It wouldn’t necessarily win if its opponent was this ferocious little cat!

Ren Juncheng was all ready to offer rescue.

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but scowl too.

However, with everyone staring at it, Honey walked towards Asura, squatted down on its hind legs, and straightened out its body like a human.

Then it put its front paws together and started shaking them.

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