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Chapter 253: Bring an Animal Over

Song Jiaren immediately started allocating tasks.

“Tang Luo is good at IT, so he’ll be in charge of the editing. Yu Ziqi is good at drawing, so he can draw some cute cartoons to attract fans… By the way, how about Ren Juncheng? He seems to be with computers too!”

Song Jiaren was delighted as she thought about it, exclaiming, “That means we’ll have two editors!”

Yu Ziqi’s lips twitched, “How about you?”

“I’m the coordinator of everything!” Song Jiaren proclaimed, her chin raised, and her chest puffed up.

“Coordinator?” Yu Ziqi was speechless, “Why don’t you call yourself the talker.”

Song Jiaren’s eyes went wide, demanding. “What do you mean I’m the talker? I’m someone with great responsibilities! Just put it all aside and imagine. When haters come attacking, are you the one who’s going to fight them?”

Yu Ziqi shrank upon seeing her ferocious look, stammering. “I- I don’t like fighting with people.”

“What do you mean I like fighting?” Song Jiaren asked with her hands on her waist. “I’m not a barbarian! Besides, I have other things to do apart from fighting off haters! Urgh, forget it! You wouldn’t get it!”

At last, she waved him off with contempt.

Yu Ziqi was speechless.

Where was Asura? Bite her!

Xia Xibei and Tang Luo shook their heads and laughed as they watched their friends bicker.

All of a sudden, Xia Xibei’s phone rang.

“Brother Nie?” Xia Xibei was slightly puzzled, “Anything else?”

“I’ve just been informed by the crew that there have been some changes in their plans. When you go for the audition tomorrow, bring a cat or a dog with you.”

His words stunned Xia Xibei, who asked, “Bring animals over?”

“Yes,” Nie Zehai pinched his nose on the other end, seeming rather weary. “I think they’re just using this chance to gather the cats and dogs required for the film.”

Animals were a very eye-catching part of films and dramas.

However, animals were also the most difficult to film because they couldn’t understand the human language. It would take a large amount of effort and repeated attempts to make them behave in the desired ways.

This time around, the character was the queen of animals, so interaction with animals was certainly a crucial part of it.

Those large-sized animals could only be found in zoos, and they certainly wouldn’t have many parts. Therefore, the queen of animals could only interact with small animals most of the time, otherwise it would be very awkward.

Small animals like dogs and cats were easy to find at a low cost. However, it still wasn’t easy to make them behave.

The crew’s current plan was to have the actress bring an animal of her own. After all, pets that could catch their eyes sure wouldn’t look bad.

Most importantly, these cats and dogs were sure to get more intimate with humans, which would save them lots of trouble during filming later on. The performers could also prove whether they really were suitable for the role.

Besides, this was also a favor offered by the crew to the auditionees.

They would surely be more familiar with the animals that they brought in themselves, which would allow them to perform better during the audition.

It would be a torment to both the performer and the animal if they were to perform with animals that they had just met, which would make it hard to evaluate their performance.

After a moment of surprise, Xia Xibei was soon filled with delight.

She hadn’t expected there to be an interaction with animals during the audition.

If that was the case, wasn’t she tailor-made for the role?

There came a question however—which little thing should she bring?

With her ability, it wouldn’t even be a problem if she bought a new one right now.

However, her current circumstances didn’t allow her to have a pet, so all she could do was borrow one.

Forget about King Chu. Huskies just weren’t suitable for filming due to the fear that they might be kidnapped.

That meant that Asura and Honey were the only ones left.

Which one should she take with her?

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