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Chapter 242: Should Treat Her Better

Xia Xibei’s expression became a bit complicated as she looked at the soup in front of her.

This was a cup of medicinal soup, and with Xia Xibei’s skill, she could easily tell the medicinal materials used to make it.

She knew that the purpose of this soup was to nourish the yin and replenish blood, most likely made with advice from a Chinese doctor with advanced medical skills. This was suitable for her to drink now.

After the manager finished speaking, he made everyone else leave the room.

“You had it prepared in advance?”

Xia Xibei knew that this pot of soup must have taken at least two hours to simmer.

“Yes,” Qiao Yanjue nodded.

“You were so sure I would come with you?”

“I wasn’t,” he said with a smile. “If you didn’t have the time to come over, I’d have taken it to you.” Adding some food to Xia Xibei’s bowl, he continued, “Eat. You have been in class all morning. You must be hungry.”

Seeing the chicken with the skin removed in her bowl, Xia Xibei felt even more complicated.

She couldn’t help but ask directly, “Why are you so good to me?”

“This is being nice to you?” Qiao Yanjue was taken aback. Wasn’t this the basics?

His answer stunned Xia Xibei.

“Isn’t it?”

“If you think so, then so be it.”

Qiao Yanjue smiled, but his heart felt a little bitter.

He hasn’t even done anything, but in her opinion, this was being good to her. It made his heart feel a little sore.

How many sufferings had she experienced that she’d make a big deal out of a little kindness?

Thinking about Xia Xibei’s life over the past 10 years, Qiao Yanjue finally understood her reaction.

Only someone who had never received much love since childhood would be so vigilant and hesitant when faced with other people’s concern, always fearing that it was fake.

He thought of the prickly-as-hedgehog Xia Xibei from not too long ago.

When someone treated her badly, she would raise all her thorns and fight back, sharply and fiercely.

People like her fought back when attacked.

However, if others gave her a little warmth, she would become gentle and a little flattered.

Whatever she received, she gave back even more.

She was a young and lively teenage girl, but sometimes she had a sense of maturity.

This was a time to rely on her parents and family, but she carried everything on her own shoulders, never showing any trace of fragility.

If it weren’t for this conversation today, Qiao Yanjue wouldn’t have understood so quickly. This girl had no sense of security.

Looking at Xia Xibei’s dazed expression, Qiao Yanjue felt hurt and sore in his heart, the hazy feeling he had experienced earlier becoming clearer at this moment.

He should treat her better!

“Eat. The food here is very good. Eat more.”

He was very fortunate that he had changed his attitude towards her before. Otherwise, Xia Xibei would definitely keep him thousands of miles away, given the way the two of them confronted each other.

Thinking of this, he was even more grateful. Fortunately, Jiang Yuran’s advice hadn’t hurt him this time.

He brought the plate closer to him, picking up a juicy shrimp and beginning to peel it.

“Eat. It won’t taste good when it’s cold,” he insisted, moving the shrimp over.

Xia Xibei stretched out her hand to half-cover her bowl and refused, “You don’t need to peel it for me. You can eat it too.”

“I like peeling shrimp, but I don’t like eating it.” Qiao Yanjue didn’t change his expression. “Do you think my hands are dirty?”

The corners of Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched. Qiao Yanjue had wiped his hands with a hot towel several times just now; his hands couldn’t have been unclean.

But who had a hobby like this?!

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