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Chapter 240: From the Same Family

“You know our new boss?”

Seeing Xia Qinghan’s excitement, an idea flashed through Bai Meixue’s mind. “Oh yes! The new boss’s last name is Qiao, the same as your fiancé…”

Bai Meixue gasped while thinking of this, startled by the possibility.

“Exactly!” Xia Qinghan smiled brightly, filled with happiness. “He is the third son of the Qiao family. I have to call him Little Uncle.”

“It is him!” Bai Meixue covered her mouth, not letting herself scream. “Why would he suddenly want to buy our company?”

Although some procedures were not completed yet, the boss of the company was definitely changing.

However, why had Qiao Yanjue acquired their company? The focus of the Qiao family was clearly not the entertainment industry!

“I don’t know either,” Xia Qinghan shook her head, “But no matter what, this is a good thing for us!”

Bai Meixue’s eyes lit up. “Yes! That is a good thing!”

No matter the reason, SY Entertainment was now the property of the Qiao family.

Xia Qinghan was going to be the future daughter-in-law of the Qiao family, and as they belonged to the same family, Qiao Yanjue would surely look out for her.

Thinking of this, the two looked at each other, full of joy.

Xia Qinghan was so happy that she almost spun in a circle, exclaiming, “Just now, they even brought us milk tea and cakes!”

Bai Meixue froze for a moment. Was this something the company would do?

“Maybe the company did it because they knew about your relationship with the Qiao family?” she suggested.

There was a big smile on Xia Qinghan’s face as she nodded, “This is definitely possible. When I got here this morning, I happened to run into my uncle.”

Bai Meixue exclaimed again, “That must be it! Boss Qiao must know you are here, so he told the company to take care of you!”

As for sharing the food with everyone, they clearly couldn’t be obvious about their intentions.

If food was only given to Xia Qinghan, wouldn’t it be apparent that she had a powerful supporter?

Of course, everyone knew that Xia Qinghan knew Bai Meixue, but if she had a relationship with the boss, that was entirely different!

The two looked at each other and smiled, their smugness about to overflow.

As she smiled, Xia Qinghan suddenly sneered, “I think Xia Xibei’s days are numbered!”

Previously, with only Bai Meixue helping her, it was not easy to deal with Xia Xibei. After all, although Bai Meixue was a shareholder of the company, she did not own many shares and had very little right to speak up.

But now, Qiao Yanjue was the boss of the company!

Even if the relationship between Qiao Yanjue and the rest of the Qiao family was not very good, Qiao Yanjue would definitely support her when facing outsiders!

Thinking of the wonderful future ahead of her, and the bleakness Xia Xibei would soon face, Xia Qinghan couldn’t help but laugh at the sky.

“You can relax, right?” Bai Meixue asked with elation. “You and she will never be in the same world!”

After that, she could boldly plan for Xia Qinghan, making her famous as soon as possible.

Xia Qinghan laughed for a long time before stopping, feeling proud.

“Yes, she and I will never belong to the same world!”

When Xia Qinghan returned to the dance studio and saw Xia Xibei, she flashed her a smug, condescending smile.

Xia Xibei frowned slightly. Xia Qinghan had been gone for a while. Why had her whole demeanor suddenly changed?

However, she didn’t worry too much about the change in Xia Qinghan. She simply packed up her things and went downstairs.

As she was about to get a taxi, a car stopped in front of her.

“Get in the car.”

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