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Chapter 233: So Embarrassing

Xia Xibei looked a bit embarrassed because she had suddenly gotten her period!

Ever since last time, when she had fainted because of her period, she started to consciously take care of her health.

By now, she was doing much better; even if she had her period, it didn’t hurt as much as it did last time.

However, this was only the second month since her rebirth, and she had not paid attention to this monthly occurrence at all!

When she was in her lifetime on the fantasy continent, because of the special environment, there was aura everywhere and many women cultivated a stronger power.

However, these things affected their cultivation.

If they didn’t want to have a period every month, they could take medicine and limit it to once every six months, or even annually.

Of course, doing so affected one’s fertility to a certain extent.

However, given the strength of their bodies, if they wanted to have a child at any time, there was always a solution.

Xia Xibei had also used this medicine to alter her period to arrive once a year.

Therefore, in the first month after being reborn, she was caught by surprise by her monthly period.

After that, because so many things were happening, she had forgotten that she was no longer on the fantasy continent, and the frequency of her period would change as a result.

Due to her previous recuperation, her health has improved a lot; even if her period came, there was not too much different sensation and pain.

This was why she hadn’t anticipated this!

Now she was simply embarrassed!

If she stood up, the dampness on the back of her clothing would be visible!

Although she was not wearing white pants today, it was still super embarrassing!

Fortunately, Yu Ziqi didn’t ask anything, leaving with Asura. Otherwise, she would have been mortified to have all those on-lookers, even if she had thick skin!

“What’s wrong?”

Qiao Yanjue became even more worried when he saw that Xia Xibei hadn’t moved.

“Um… I…”

Xia Xibei’s face was red, hesitating for a long time.

Seeing a rare sheepish look on her face, Qiao Yanjue suddenly had a realization.

“Old Chen, go buy me a bottle of water.”

Old Chen, the driver, was startled.

“There’s water in the car.”

“I don’t want to drink that. Go to the convenience store and get me a bottle.”

Despite his confusion, Old Chen got out of the car and walked towards the convenience store.

As he walked, he wondered, ‘Doesn’t Boss drink only one brand of bottled water? Well, I have to do whatever the boss wants.’

After the driver left, Qiao Yanjue quickly walked to the back of the car, opened the trunk, and removed a jacket from a box.

He took the jacket back to Xia Xibei and held it towards her, “Come on out.”

Xia Xibei’s heart shook. She looked up at him, beginning to speak, “You…”

“I think it’s around this time.”

These words made Xia Xibei’s cheeks flash red. What the…? How did he remember this better than she did?!

“Hurry up. Old Chen will be back soon.”

Qiao Yanjue shook the jacket.

Xia Xibei shivered and quickly got out of the car, letting Qiao Yanjue put the jacket on her.

The jacket was very long, reaching the top of her thighs and covering everything.

However, looking back at the seat, Xia Xibei’s face turned redder. Although the seats were black, one could see that they were damp.

“Let me.”

Qiao Yanjue took out a few pieces of paper and wiped off the stain.

Seeing Qiao Yanjue’s actions, Xia Xibei’s face couldn’t stop heating up.

This was such an embarrassing situation!

Qiao Yanjue’s movements were very neat, wiping the seats clean with water.

By the time he tossed the used paper into the trash can, Old Chen was back with the water.

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