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Chapter 223: Confession without Duress

As far as Shi Qinghui could see, animals had incredible intuition. Therefore, the people that they were fond of shouldn’t be evildoers.

Besides, Xia Xibei gave her a good impression.

Her looks were outstanding, and her temperament was impressive, but most importantly, there was a touch of clarity in her eyes.

Shi Qinghui had been doing business for many years and had rubbed elbows with many people, so she had her own sense of judgment towards people.

She didn’t think that everyone who got near her child had ill intentions towards him, like a lot of parents would.

Besides, the unpleasant truth was that Xia Xibei wouldn’t ever like her silly son.

“Whoof!” Asura barked with excitement, the delight in its voice obvious.

“Come here, come on, let’s sit down and talk!” Shi Qinghui pulled Xia Xibei towards the seats with an amiable smile.

Asura ran around them for a moment, then moved to Xia Xibei’s side once again, ready to be patted and stroked.

Shi Qinghui’s lips twitched when she saw how affectionate it was towards Xia Xibei.

Although she had just heard Yu Ziqi say that it loved being with Xia Xibei, it felt different when having experienced it for herself.

“Aiya, haven’t you guys had your meal yet?”

Looking at the barely touched dishes on the table, Shi Qinghui asked, “How about I have them add a few more dishes?”

“No need for that, auntie,” Xia Xibei shook her head. “These are enough, as we’ll have to go home in a while.”

Upon hearing Xia Xibei’s reply, Shi Qinghui did not request any further, changing the subject instead.

“By the way, what were you guys talking about before I came in?”

It was just a random question, Shi Qinghui wasn’t thinking much of it.

However, Xia Xibei smiled, replying, “We were talking about apologizing.”

Upon hearing this, Zheng Xiaowen’s face turned even more awful than it already was.

She had been saddened by how hospitable Shi Qinghui was towards Xia Xibei, but when she least expected it, the spotlight was focused back on her once again.

“Apologizing?” Shi Qinghui was surprised, “What happened?”

“It was no big deal, in fact,” Xia Xibei smiled politely, “It was just that this girl went to our milk tea shop and said something that she shouldn’t have.”

Shi Qinghui scowled. She cast a look at Zheng Xiaowen, then looked at Xia Xibei again. “Oh? What was it that she shouldn’t have said?”

“Auntie, let me tell you about it,” Song Jiaren volunteered.

She clearly knew that Zheng Xiaowen had feelings for Yu Ziqi!

Song Jiaren had no feelings about their relationship, but now that Zheng Xiaowen had offended her, she wouldn’t let go of it that easily!

“Alright, you tell me then.” Shi Qinghui shot a glance at Zheng Xiaowen, whose face looked awful, and nodded to Song Jiaren.

“So this is how it went. The highlight of our shop is a milk tea that’s great for weight-loss…”

With her eloquence, Song Jiaren managed to recount the story with great clarity in just a few sentences.

After listening to her recounting, Shi Qinghui looked towards Zheng Xiaowen, whose head was almost buried under the table, with a frown.

“Xiaowen, was that so?”

“I- I-” Zheng Xiaowen stuttered in the midst of her panic, “I didn’t mean it! I never thought it would turn out this way…”

“You didn’t mean it?” Song Jiaren snorted coldy, “Don’t you know how much trouble you could have brought to our shop with those words that you ‘didn’t mean’?”

“But you aren’t in any trouble!” Zheng Xiaowen blurted out.

The moment the words came out of her mouth, Zheng Xiaowen’s face turned deathly pale, nearly clasping her own mouth.

Shi Qinghui’s face turned overcast.

Zheng Xiaowen’s reply had shown the problem.

Although she knew that the words she had said would bring out unpleasant consequences, she had still said them anyway. This couldn’t help but make people suspicious of her intentions.

In the midst of this stalemate, Xia Xibei’s phone rang.

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