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Chapter 222: Oh, It’s You

Zheng Xiaowen’s face turned extremely red with awkwardness. She hadn’t thought that Shi Qinghui wouldn’t remember her.

“Mom, she’s Zheng Xiaowen, Uncle Zheng’s daughter,” Yu Ziqi explained.

“Oh! It’s you!” Shi Qinghui finally recalled.

Zheng Xiaowen’s parents used to run a good business, but had encountered some problems along the way, hitting rock bottom when Zheng Xiaowen was in about fourth or fifth grade. After that, they moved away from where they used to live.

“Aiya, we haven’t met in so many years. You’re getting prettier these days!” Shi Qinghui complimented her with a smile.

Zheng Xiaowen’s face flushed once again, but with shyness this time.

“How are your parents? Are they doing well?” Shi Qinghui asked. “By the way, how did you guys get together?”

“My parents are fine,” Zheng Xiaowen replied, expression rather stiff when her parents were mentioned. “I’m also studying at Qing Ye High School; I’m deskmates with Qi.”

“So you guys are deskmates!” Shi Qinghui said in surprise. “What a coincidence!”

She turned around to look at Yu Ziqi, rebuking him gently, “Why didn’t you tell me son?”

It had almost been a year, but Yu Ziqi had never brought up this matter to his family.

Yu Ziqi scratched the back of his head, muttering, “I forgot.”

Shi Qinghui was left speechless. This child!

Shi Qinghui’s gaze then fell upon Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei, “These two are…?”

“My good friends, Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren.”

Yu Ziqi’s introduction put a solemn expression on Shi Qinghui’s face.

She knew that her son was rather simple-minded, which was so-called “slow-witted,” so she was afraid that he might get swindled.

To her happiness, Yu Ziqi was fortunate enough to have made a number of reliable friends.

However, he usually didn’t refer to people as his “good friends.”

“Nice to see you, girls. I’m Qi’s mother, but you may just call me Auntie Shi.”

“Nice to meet you, Auntie Shi,” Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei greeted unanimously.

Looking at the disparity in their looks, her gaze eventually fell upon the pretty Xia Xibei, the look in her eyes turned rather inexplicable. “Are you both Qi’s schoolmates?”

“No,” Xia Xibei shook her head, “We’re sophomores, and he’s a freshman.”

“How did you guys get to know each other, then?” Shi Qinghui was curious.


Asura showed up from the side.

“Aiya, Asura!” Shi Qinghui beamed brightly right away, “You came here too!”

When he saw how Shi Qinghui seemed happier upon seeing Asura than she had when seeing, Yu Ziqi’s lips twitched. His place in the family clearly couldn’t compare to that of Asura’s.

“Whoof! Whoof!” Asura wagged its tail at Shi Qinghui, then ran behind Xia Xibei and reached out a paw to give her a little push.

Propelled by its force, Xia Xibei stepped forward.

Asura got so exhilarated that it ran in circles around Xia Xibei, its tail almost touching the sky.

Shi Qinghui was surprised by how jubilant Asura was, “You guys…”

“Asura loves her a lot,” Yu Ziqi explained, sounding somewhat jealous. “It almost followed her home last time. We got to know each other because of Asura, then found out that we study at the same school.”

Shi Qinghui was stunned for a moment, a realization hitting her.

“So the person that you were video-calling was her?!”

When Shi Qinghui returned home previously, she happened to see Yu Ziqi and Asura video-calling someone on the phone.

Yu Ziqi had said that it was a girl that Asura liked, but she hadn’t really believed him. She had thought that it was Yu Ziqi’s crush.

Now, it seemed like the kid wasn’t lying after all. Asura was so much friendlier towards Xia Xibei, even more than to his owners!

All of a sudden, her expression became much more benevolent as she looked at Xia Xibei.

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