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Chapter 221: Do You Know Me?


Zheng Xiaowen’s eyes went wide as she stared at Xia Xibei in disbelief. Did she just demand an apology from her?!

Before Xia Xibei could even speak, Song Jiaren shot Zheng Xiaowen a glare.

“What now? You can’t even complete such a simple request? If Beibei didn’t give you a chance to fix your mistake, I would have… Haha!”

She brandished her fist in Zheng Xiaowen’s direction as she spoke.

Zheng Xiaowen’s breath caught in her throat and she trembled a little. She hadn’t expected Song Jiaren to be this violent.

Zheng Xiaowen was a freshman at Qing Ye High School, so she was aware of Song Jiaren’s reputation.

However, she hadn’t witnessed Song Jiaren’s violence before, as the two batches of students were separated at different locations. That was why she dared to use a ruse on her.

She never thought Song Jiaren would be exactly how the rumors had described her!

She was extremely violent!

She had a feeling that if she dared refuse to apologize, Song Jiaren really would beat her up!

If she did apologize, however, wouldn’t it be like admitting that she had ill intentions all along?

How would Yu Ziqi regard her then?

She became hesitant at the thought of it, looking at Yu Ziqi to seek help once again.


With a wave of Xia Xibei’s hand, Asura ran to Yu Ziqi and started barking.

Hearing his dog bark, Yu Ziqi’s attention was immediately diverted.

“What’s wrong?”

“It must be hungry,” Xia Xibei’s expression remained unchanged.

“Hungry? How can that be?” Yu Ziqi asked in surprise. “It came out after it had its meal!”

“Whoof!” Asura barked again and stood upright, putting its front paw on the table and sticking out its tongue at the food.

“See, it’s hungry,” Xia Xibei shrugged.

“I see…” Yu Ziqi pitied his dog right away, saying, “Asura, you can’t eat this food! Let’s go back and get some dog food!”

Cats and dogs couldn’t simply eat the food outside, so Yu Ziqi dared not feed it that. If something went wrong with it, his mom would break his neck.

“Yea, it’s already late.” Xia Xibei looked at the time, and flashed a smile at Zheng Xiaowen, “Miss, it’s not early anymore.”

“Whoof!” Asura barked along, placing its paw on Yu Ziqi’s leg and giving him a shove.

Yu Ziqi’s heart reached out to the dog, “Xiaowen, it’s not something demanding that they requested. You…”

Zheng Xiaowen’s heart turned cold. Even Yu Ziqi had said that.


“Could you hurry up!” Song Jiaren hastened her with impatience, “Is it so difficult to give a simple apology? Why don’t you think about it? If our business gets ruined because of you, can you afford to compensate us?!”

Her words were like a hard slap on Zheng Xiaowen’s face, quickly turning her eyes red.

“Whoof!” Asura trod around Yu Ziqi in circles, finally managing to capture his attention.

As for Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei, there was no way they would even pity her.

Upon seeing that, Zheng Xiaowen’s limbs went cold. Eventually, she opened her mouth with great reluctance.


“Yo, what’s all this fuss going on here?”

Before Zheng Xiaowen could finish speaking, the door was pushed open and an elegant, middle-aged woman walked in.

The woman raised her brows in surprise at the scene in the room.

“Qi, are these your schoolmates?”



Yu Ziqi and Asura got excited and shouted out in unison.

Upon seeing the woman, Zheng Xiaowen’s eyes shone and she stood up quickly, “Auntie Qinghui!”

Shi Qinghui was clearly taken aback upon seeing Zheng Xiaowen.

After thinking long and hard about it, she became a little awkward and asked, “Do you… Know me?”

Song Jiaren nearly spat out her food when she heard those words.

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