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Chapter 220: Song Jiaren Hit the Roof

Not only did Yu Ziqi’s comic remarks not divert Song Jiaren’s attention, it made her even more unsatisfied with Zheng Xiaowen.

It didn’t matter if Zheng Xiaowen was Yu Ziqi’s childhood sweetheart or deskmate, Song Jiaren wasn’t planning to drop the matter anytime soon.

“Zheng Xiaowen, I’d really like to know, do you have any displeasure towards me?” she asked in a forthright manner.

“Wh What are you talking about?”

Zheng Xiaowen was caught unaware, not expecting Song Jiaren to be so straightforward. “Wh- Why would I have any displeasure towards you?”

Her expression was rather stiff, and her gaze was drifting around. Clearly, she was being dishonest.

Xia Xibei did not say a word, quietly watching Song Jiaren hit the roof instead.

“You don’t?” Song Jiaren snorted coldly, “If you don’t harbor any ill thoughts about me, what did you mean by those words you said back at the shop?”

“I- I was just curious…”


Song Jiaren crossed her arms in front of her chest and sneered, “If you’re deskmates with Yu Ziqi, you should be at least fifteen or sixteen years old by now. Even a toddler knows when to say what, yet you don’t? Weren’t you trying to make a scene by saying those things back there? Did you think I was a fool, or are you actually the fool instead?”

While listening to Song Jiaren’s remarks, Zheng Xiaowen’s face continuously switched between being red and turning ashen. It was an extremely embarrassing moment for her.

“I… I didn’t!”

“You didn’t? You’re not a fool, then? If you’re not a fool, I suppose you’re just evil by default!”

Zheng Xiaowen’s face flushed red at those words.

How could she admit it? Admit that she was a fool? Or that she was evil? Neither of those was good!

She was completely helpless. She hadn’t expected Song Jiaren to be different from ordinary people. Rarely anyone would blow their tops off so straightforwardly despite being angry.

She hadn’t encountered people like Song Jiaren before, those who started fights upon the slightest disagreement. If this was somebody else, she would usually have enough confidence to deal with them. However, Song Jiaren clearly did not play by the rules!

Having thought of that, she turned to Yu Ziqi to seek help, her eyes damp with a hint of tears.

Yu Ziqi was also startled by Song Jiaren’s words.

He didn’t know what had actually happened, but it seemed like it wasn’t a small matter, as Song Jiaren was really mad!

“Sister Jia, don’t get mad, Xiaowen didn’t mean it…”

“What’s your relationship with her though?” Song Jiaren cut him off ungraciously. “Are you her boyfriend? Or a family member?”

“Of course I’m not- I’m not her boyfriend!” Yu Ziqi panicked, shaking his head and waving his hands in denial.

Xia Xibei noticed that the flames in Zheng Xiaowen’s eyes died off when Yu Ziqi denied those words.

It was fishy indeed.

However, Zheng Xiaowen’s level was too low to even compete with Xia Qinghan. When faced with the likes of Song Jiaren, who hit people right under their belts, she had no choice but to retreat in fear.

However, Xia Xibei wouldn’t pity her no matter how pathetic she was. She had to take responsibility for the words that she had said.

Thinking the same thought, Song Jiaren slammed the table.

“If you’re not related to her in any way, how do you know if she meant it or not? Do you guys share a brain?”

Yu Ziqi had never come across something like this before, rendered helpless right on the spot.


“Whoof! Whoof!” Too stupid!

“Look, Asura said you’re stupid!” Song Jiaren added immediately. “Oh, little Qi Qi, don’t just judge a book by its cover!”

Yu Ziqi was so embarrassed that he almost buried his head under the table.

Looking at the predicament that the poor boy was in, Xia Xibei finally spoke up.

“Alright, it’s all over now. We don’t expect much, either.”

Before Zheng Xiaowen could feel glad, Xia Xibei went on, saying, “Just apologize sincerely to us and own up your mistake. After that, we’ll drop the matter.”

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