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Chapter 219: Identity Exposed

Asura did not bother Zheng Xiaowen at all, wagging its tail vigorously at Xia Xibei instead. It looked like it would pounce on Xia Xibei at any moment.

As for Zheng Xiaowen… Who was she?

It was a pretty awkward moment.

Song Jiaren couldn’t help but chuckle, her anger dying down a lot.

Zheng Xiaowen’s face was also flushed red due to awkwardness and embarrassment.

Yu Ziqi did not think much of it, but tried to explain Asura’s behavior.

“Don’t take it to heart. Whenever Xibei is around, even I don’t have a place, although I’m the owner.”

Zheng Xiaowen laughed awkwardly but did not speak.

“Asura, let’s go.”

Xia Xibei waved her hand at Asura with a smile and Asura went up to her obediently.

Looking at how Asura was fawning over Xia Xibei, the look on Zheng Xiaowen’s face turned awful. She had to bite her lips to hold back her dismay.

Very soon, the group of people arrived at the restaurant where they had gone the last time.

When she saw how the manager treated Yu Ziqi with great respect, Zheng Xiaowen’s glooms disappeared and her eyes almost shone.

Xia Xibei snorted at heart, getting to know Zheng Xiaowen a little more.

After they sat down, Xia Xibei stroked Asura, who was sprawled beside her and unwilling to leave her side.

She asked, “Qi, don’t you want to introduce her to us?”

Yu Ziqi nodded, “She’s Zheng Xiaowen, my deskmate. This is Xia Xibei and that’s Song Jiaren. They are both good friends of mine.”

“Is she just your deskmate?” Xia Xibei flashed a thoughtful smile. “Aren’t you related in any other way?”

“What- What are you talking about!”

Yu Ziqi blushed at her question.

“What are you thinking about?” Xia Xibei repeated with a laugh. “Apart from being your deskmate, isn’t she also the neighbor whom you grew up with?”

Zheng Xiaowen’s face paled upon hearing her words.

Yu Ziqi did not notice her reaction, slightly baffled at the moment. “We used to be neighbors when we were kids, but that was years ago!”

Zheng Xiaowen’s face became even paler, if that was possible.

At that point, Song Jiaren couldn’t help but burst out in laughter, “So I suppose the so-called childhood sweethearts are all made up, then?”

Song Jiaren’s reaction confused Yu Ziqi even more.

“We lived in the same area before 4th grade, but her family moved away after that.”

“So that means that she isn’t your neighbor right now?” Song Jiaren continued asking.

“Yup,” Yu Ziqi looked at them in bewilderment, then became shocked when he looked at Zheng Xiaowen. “Xiaowen, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so pale?”

“I- I-”

Zheng Xiaowen’s face switched between being pale and turning red every few seconds. How she wished she could dig a hole and hide in it right now…

She hadn’t expected Xia Xibei to expose her so flagrantly right away! This identity shouldn’t have been exposed so soon!

But how could she have known that Xia Xibei was now living in the same area as Yu Ziqi!

If Zheng Xiaowen had lived in the same area as them, how come Xia Xibei had never met this “deskmate” before?


Song Jiaren was extremely delighted.

She wasn’t a fool. How could she not know what Zheng Xiaowen was thinking when her reaction was so obvious?

Song Jiaren finally realized why Zheng Xiaowen had come to find fault with her.

It was all because of Yu Ziqi!

Having thought of that, she couldn’t help but size up Yu Ziqi.

“What- What are you doing?” Yu Ziqi felt rather awkward under her gaze, almost covering his body with his hands.

“Nothing. I’m just trying to figure out which part of you looks good.”

“Whoof!” None.

Yu Ziqi’s eyes welled up with tears, claiming, “It’s enough that Asura thinks I’m good looking!”

Being able to understand Asura, Xia Xibei’s lips twitched at his words. However, she couldn’t bring herself to tell him the truth.

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