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Chapter 212: Grievance and Tears

Xia Qinghan fidgeted for the rest of the class.

When she watched other people learn to dance from Xia Xibei, her heart felt as if it was on fire.

However, if others looked at her, she felt that they were laughing at her.

What angered her the most was Xia Xibei’s indifference towards her.

Several times, when their eyes met, Xia Xibei quickly turned away, refusing to even look at her.

Xia Xibei’s eyes were extremely cold, as if she was not worth mentioning.

What did Xia Xibei mean by that?!

Xia Qinghan’s heart seemed to have been bitten by ants, which was extremely uncomfortable.

Seeing that everyone was liking and admiring Xia Xibei more and more, she felt as if the air had become thinner and she was about to suffocate.

During class, she was in a trance and couldn’t concentrate.

Despite this, Laosha didn’t criticize her, all of his attention on Xia Xibei!

Thinking of this, Xia Qinghan gritted her teeth with hatred.

She had never suffered like this before in her life!

She had always been the center of attention in a crowd. She enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being watched by everyone, making her feel as if she was the most beautiful and outstanding person there.

But today, everything was beyond her control!

Xia Qinghan couldn’t recover, not even after class ended.

When class finally wrapped up, she couldn’t resist going to Bai Meixue.

As soon as she stepped into her office and saw Bai Meixue, she burst into tears.

“Auntie Xue!”

Bai Meixue immediately became flustered upon seeing Xia Qinghan crying.

“What happened? Who hurt you?!” exclaimed Bai Meixue, circling Xia Qinghan and checking for any signs of harm. After confirming that there were no injuries, she breathed a sigh of relief, but was still very nervous.

“Tell Auntie Xue. What’s the matter? Who dared to bully you?”

Before she could even open her mouth, Xia Qinghan couldn’t help but start crying again.

“Don’t cry! What happened?” Bai Meixue’s heart was breaking. “What the hell happened?”

If Xia Qinghan hadn’t held her back, she might have rushed out to ask someone about the situation.

“I- I…”

Xia Qinghan felt so wronged that her tears flowed profusely, her pitiful look really making Bai Meixue feel awful.

“Don’t worry. Take your time, let’s talk it out.”

After Xia Qinghan cried for a while, she finally revealed what had happened today between sobs.

“…Xia Xibei was targeting me!” she finally concluded.

“That little b… That girl can do this?”

Bai Meixue was shocked too.

Bai Meixue knew about Xia Xibei’s living situation, believing that she had no resources to learn these things.

In other words, Xia Xibei had no other merits other than a pretty face.

Even if she had talent, that talent must be developed through the use of money!

No matter how talented Xia Xibei was, after joining the company, she still needed to go through long-term training inorder to grow.

However, she did not expect Xia Xibei to have such powerful strength!

At this moment, Bai Meixue couldn’t help but wonder, what kind of life had Xia Xibei lived before?

“I was almost laughed to death by everyone today!” Xia Qinghan brazenly vented in front of Bai Meixue. “I don’t want to be a star anymore!”


Bai Meixue’s face turned grim immediately, taking Xia Qinghan aback.

“Why are you comparing yourself to her?”

Bai Meixue took a deep breath, suppressing the vicious fire in her heart before comforting her, “You and her don’t live in the same world! Even if she performed well here, the company isn’t hers! Do you think it’s that easy to debut?”

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