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Chapter 211: Worse Setback

It was only by the time she felt that the atmosphere had changed did Xia Qinghan realize that everyone but her and Xia Xibei had stopped dancing.

Under their subtle gazes, her moves stiffened, little by little.

From the mirror, she saw that Xia Xibei wasn’t affected at all. Her timing was precise, and her moves were clean and well executed.

Then she took a look at herself. The moves that she had thought were pretty good seemed flimsy and powerless when compared to Xia Xibei.

With her heart palpating fast, she came to a stop. Her face switched from red to ashen to pale, wishing she could dig a hole and hide there right now!

“The difference is too big, isn’t it?”

“Yea, I didn’t feel that way when they were dancing individually, but when they stand next to each other though… Goodness! This is public humiliation!”

“I’d die of embarrassment if that was me!”

Those words drifted into Xia Qinghan’s ears bit by bit and sliced through her flesh like a blunt knife, making her bleed all over.

Her face kept turning more and more ashen. Her lips moved, and she forced out a small smile, claiming, “I need to use the washroom.”

She left in a hurry, leaving behind everyone’s looks of contempt and ridicule.

Her emotions only broke loose when she stepped into a cubicle!

There, she clenched her fists tight with all her strength, trying to refrain from losing control.

‘God damn Xia Xibei!’ Xia Qinghan cursed in her heart, her cheeks flushed and her eyes red with anger.

If anyone else had been here, they would be horrified to see the person in front of them. How could this hideous person be the same gentle, beautiful, soft-hearted young lady that they knew?

If the last shred of sanity that she had hadn’t reminded her that this wasn’t her own home, Xia Qinghan might have torn this place apart!

God damn Xia Xibei! Why must she always set herself against her?!

Hadn’t she mastered the dance already? Why did she keep dancing?!

When she found out about the disparity between her and Xia Xibei just now, Xia Qinghan did not admit defeat, despite feeling shocked and displeased.

So what if she memorized the moves quickly? She would still be able to defeat her in the end!

Therefore, she intended to diligently learn from Laosha.

But who would have expected everyone to stop at one point, leaving her and Xia Xibei as the only ones dancing?!

That was the reason why the contrast seemed so obvious!

The disparity wasn’t that great when they were dancing on their own. But a short while ago, they were standing not far from each other, doing the same exact moves, so the difference could be seen with just a glance!

Xia Qinghan was furious, grinding her teeth so hard that they were almost crushed to dust.

She knew that Xia Xibei had done it on purpose! Xia Xibei wanted to embarrass her in front of everyone there!

However, she wouldn’t admit defeat just like that!

Xia Xibei was just a broke, petty child; what did she have to compete with her?

After taking a few deep breaths to adjust her mood, Xia Qinghan finally stepped out of the washroom.

By the time she returned to the dance classroom, Xia Qinghan’s expression was back to normal.

However, she couldn’t help but freeze once again when she saw Xia Xibei, who was surrounded by a crowd.

What were they doing?

“Look, this is how this part should be done,” Xia Xibei’s voice rang through the room. “Come on! Arms, legs, one, two, three, four…”

“Oh, I see!”

The others couldn’t help but marvel. So it wasn’t that hard after all!

“Let us continue.”

Xia Xibei didn’t seem to notice Xia Qinghan’s return, carrying on with instructing the other trainees on the moves instead.

The others only shot Xia Qinghan a glance, then went back to concentrating on their own moves.

Laosha had gone out to pick up a call just now, so Xia Xibei had become their assistant coach.

Much to their surprise, Xia Xibei was much friendlier than they had imagined!

Xia Qinghan found out that there was something worse than embarrassing herself in front of everyone, which was this: no one cared about her at all!

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