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Chapter 198: Can’t Improve Together

With the reassurances that Bai Meixue gave her, Xia Qinghan had finally regained her usual composure when she met Xia Xibei.

They had different statuses, so the resources that would flow to them would be different as well, and their career prospects wouldn’t be the same either!

With that thought in mind, she flashed Xia Xibei a bright smile outside the music classroom.

“I never thought we would become colleagues!”

“Right, I didn’t expect it either,” Xia Xibei smiled as well.

“How amazing! We could improve together!” Xia Qinghan beamed.

“No need for that, though.”

Those words froze the smile on Xia Qinghan’s face.

“What… Did you say?”

“I’m quite a petty person, in fact.” Xia Xibei’s smile showed no hint of displeasure, but her words didn’t sound quite nice. “You still haven’t apologized to me for that day, and I feel kinda uneasy about it. I just can’t seem to erase the incident from my mind, for some reason. So, I guess… It’s kinda hard for me to improve with you.”

Xia Qinghan’s smile had disappeared, and she seemed a little awkward.

“Um… I was really sick at that time, that’s why-”

“But you look alright now,” Xia Xibei cut her off. “Couldn’t you have apologized even after you got well?”

Xia Xibei shrugged and shook her head, “Before you apologize to me, I’m sorry to say that I can’t improve with you!”

After she finished talking, Xia Xibei turned around and left.

As Xia Qinghan watched her leave, she felt a dark cloud of gloom shrouding her, her expression becoming extremely awful.

Xia Qinghan did not expect Xia Xibei to give her an attitude! How dare she?!

Xia Qinghan grinded her teeth in rage, her repugnance towards Xia Xibei intensifying.

“Qinghan, why haven’t you gone inside yet?”

Soon, some pretty girls walked over and greeted Xia Qinghan.

“Xiaoshi, Nini.”

Xia Qinghan quickly put on a normal expression and greeted them back.

“I just came. Let’s go in together!”


Xiaoshi and Nini were trainees at SY Entertainment, both just fifteen or sixteen years old this year. However, they had been training for two or three years by now.

They were in high school at the moment, but their results weren’t very pleasing. Their minds were entirely focused on debuting, all in the hope that they would gain fame overnight.

There weren’t many trainees like Xia Qinghan and Xia Xibei, who only started training at the age of seventeen. After all, most of them had begun training at a young age, some even giving up on their studies.

“I heard that a newbie came in today?” Xiaoshi asked with some curiosity.

“Yes.” Nini was curious too. “I wonder what she’s like.”

“I know her,” Xia Qinghan responded with a smile.

“You do?”

“Yes, we study at the same school. She has the same surname as me, too. Her name is Xia Xibei.”

“I remember you saying that you’re from Qing Ye High School, right?” Xiaoshi became even more curious now. “Are you both great at your studies?”

Xiaoshi studied in an ordinary high school, so she kind of looked up to people who were great at studies.

Xia Qinghan’s smile froze a little upon being asked that question.

“How’s her competence? Is she as great as you?” Nini chipped in too.

“Aiya, how could you ask that?” Xiaoshi gave her a gentle push. “It’s not like you haven’t seen what Qinghan could do! Is it even comparable?!”

Xia Qinghan had been a part of the company for a few days by now and had taken several classes, which allowed her to display her capabilities.

Everyone knew her relationship with Bai Meixue, not to mention that she was great at winning people’s favor. She had prepared small gifts for everyone when she first came in, so people supported her in one way or another.

Besides, Xia Qinghan’s overall performance was quite impressive indeed.

With her good looks, family background, and competence, she was a downright winner in life!

Even without her family, Xia Qinghan would have debuted sooner or later.

How could that newbie even compare to Xia Qinghan?

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