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Chapter 193: Grievances

The next day, Pan Yan went to the scheduled place ahead of time.

Xia Xibei arrived after a short wait.

This time, there was a beautiful woman with a different kind of style beside her.

‘Was she Xia Xibei’s new guardian?’ Pan Yan thought as he quickly stood up.

“C’mon, sit here.”

Liu Manhong looked at Pan Yan and his baby face, raising her eyebrows subconsciously. “Beibei, you are signing with him?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded.

“It doesn’t feel very legit. Should we find another agency? I know a lot of people.”

Liu Manhong’s words struck Pan Yan in the heart. Was he being given the cold shoulder?

Pan Yan’s face paled after being rejected in person like this, but he still held hiis ground.

“Hello, my name is Pan Yan. I am a silver-level agent at SY Entertainment.”

“SY Entertainment?” Liu Manhong frowned for a moment, then her face turned grim. “Is Bai Meixue with your company?”

“Yes,” Pan Yan nodded in bewilderment. “Do you know her?”

“Of course! How could I not?” Liu Manhong sneered with a look of disdain. “I didn’t realize she was still a star! Didn’t she leave the entertainment business after being exposed?”

Pan Yan looked at her in surprise. It sounded like the two of them had a lot of bad blood between them!

“Um… I don’t know.”

He felt a little awkward. What could he say?

Even Xia Xibei was a little surprised.

Since this was her own business and Liu Manhong just needed to come over to sign some papers, Xia Xibei hadn’t explained the whole thing that well.

Therefore, she did not expect Liu Manhong to have a grudge against Bai Meixue.

“Sister Hong, did Bai Meixue offend you before?”

Although Xia Xibei had only known Liu Manhong for one day, she was unconditionally on her side.

Moreover, given Liu Manhong’s character, she would not make enemies so casually.

Coupled with Xia Xibei’s understanding of Bai Meixue… Liu Manhong must be the victim in this conflict.

“Hah!” Liu Manhong laughed coldly. “Does stealing my husband count?” Although he was already an ex-husband by now.

These words stunned everyone.

Pan Yan gasped. They had such terrible grievances!

Although he had heard of some vague romantic scandals involving Bai Meixue in the past, Pan Yan never thought that the woman before him would be in the middle of it!

“Of course,” Xia Xibei nodded. “I don’t have to want certain things and people, but I can’t let others steal them either.”

If something was hers, she’d throw it away before giving it away! If they dared to rob her, she would fight them!

Xia Xibei’s words made Liu Manhong nod in satisfaction.

“Yes, exactly!”

She liked Xia Xibei’s style.

“At the time, when I caught Bai, the mistress, and the scumbag red handed, I wanted to make it a big deal, but looking at the scumbag’s property compensation, I let them off. I just didn’t expect her to still be in this industry. ”

Liu Manhong had a tough character. When she learned that her scumbag spouse had cheated on her, she went to catch them in the act.

In order to keep things from becoming public, combined with the power of the Qiao family, the scumbag had readily given her a lot of money.

With the property given by her ex-husband, Liu Manhong’s life was very chic.

As for Bai Meixue… As long as she didn’t provoke her, Liu Manhong had no interest in taking care of her.

What she didn’t expect was that the company Xia Xibei wanted to join was actually related to Bai Meixue!

“Or maybe you should change the company?” Liu Manhong suggested. “There are so many big companies around.”

Pan Yan immediately became nervous. Xia Xibei won’t really change her mind, right?

However, Xia Xibei shook her head and smiled, “No, let’s join this company. Otherwise, they’ll think we are afraid of them!”

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