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Chapter 192: Make Them Mad

Pan Yan was very surprised.

He had also seen the news about Xia Xibei on the Internet today. This whole thing caused a lot of drama, showing up in all the top searches.

When he saw Xia Xibei’s name in the top searches, he was very happy for her.

If he had this kind of talent to manage, the effect would be even better!

Other stars spent a lot of time trying to get on top searches without it being negative news.

Many people would be so jealous of getting on tops searches using only positive news.

But, while he was happy for her, he felt pity too.

It didn’t matter how hot Xia Xibei became; she couldn’t sign a contract now.

He was even more afraid of Xia Xibei going to other companies. After all, some companies had less strict regulations.

But he couldn’t ask Xia Xibei not to sign with other companies. He had no right.

The more he thought about it, the more heartbroken he became. He sighed even more when he saw the other new recruits at the company.

Never mind everything else, Xia Xibei’s looks alone were top-level.

Originally, he wanted to select a few good newcomers from among these trainees, but because Xia Xibei was so amazing, he simply couldn’t find anyone similar.

In the past two days, his management had also urged him to start working with an artist.

ST’s agents and artists were divided into different levels, and they were able to choose each other.

If one wanted to make money, then one needed to cultivate a popular star.

If one didn’t want to make money, they could be like Pan Yan and take a break.

However, Pan Yan was quite capable. Even if he didn’t want to make money, so many artists in the company had to make money!

After taking a break, Pan Yan had to continue to work with an artist.

As for Xia Xibei… He’d just wait for her to become an adult before signing her! Hopefully, she wouldn’t have signed with another company by then.

He didn’t expect that just as he had this idea, he would receive a call from Xia Xibei.

He became very confused after listening to Xia Xibei’s words.

“You… You want to sign with our company?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded from the other end. “I have changed my guardian. I can sign a contract now.”

These words surprised Pan Yan.

“You changed your guardian?”

“Yes. If you think it’s okay, we can meet tomorrow.”

“Of course!” Pan Yan nodded immediately. This felt like a pie in the sky! “We’ll meet up tomorrow!”

Xia Xibei hung up and looked excitedly at Song Jiaren.

“Yes, exactly! Make them mad!”

Jiaren Song was very angry at the moment. Why did those people say that about Xia Xibei? Who would try to promote themselves with such dangerous things?

What if Xia Xibei could not enter the entertainment industry because of this?

Fortunately, Xia Xibei did not do such a stupid thing. Otherwise, those negative-minded people would be so happy!

“I really want to see Xia Qinghan and the others’ faces,” Song Jiaren stated with a smug expression.

Ever since Xia Qinghan confirmed her entry into the ST company, things had become different.

Xia Qinghan didn’t show off directly, but Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying acted as if she was already a superstar, like they were on top of the world.

Moreover, every time Xia Xibei was mentioned, they always gloated.

This really upset Song Jiaren.

If it weren’t for Xia Xibei’s reputation, she might have found someone to show them the error of their ways!

Moreover, Xia Qinghan did not do what she had previously promised to do: apologize. This made Song Jiaren feel even more disgusted with her.

Now, Xia Xibei would enter the same company as her. Who knew how she would react when that happened?

With that thought, Song Jiaren’s smile grew sunnier and sunnier.

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