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Chapter 185: Live Here

After Liu Manhong received Xia Xibei’s assent, she immediately said, “I have two suites above me, both of which have three bedrooms and one living room. The area is not very large, but it’s enough if you live by yourself. If you want to, you can see it now.”

“How much is the rent?”

“No, no rent!” Liu Manhong quickly took her outside the home. “It’s all mine, so there’s no point in collecting rent! If I dare to collect rent from you, King Chu won’t hesitate to scratch me up!”

When King Chu heard his name, he barked instantly, seemingly very proud of the statement.

The house that Liu Manhong lived in was actually a connected set of two houses, which added up to more than 200 square meters.

She didn’t like other people’s noises, so she bought both the homes above and below her own. This way, there would be no trouble from pesky neighbors.

Xia Xibei could choose to live upstairs or downstairs.

Xia Xibei had a stunned expression on her face after listening to Liu Manhong’s explanation.

She really was rich!

While others struggled to buy just one home, she had actually bought six homes!

Poverty did limit people’s imaginations.

Soon, the three people and one dog finished looking at the homes, upstairs and downstairs.

The layout of these homes was the same, and while they were renovated, there wasn’t much inside.

“Usually, when my friends come over, I will let them stay here. There’s not much stuff inside. If you want to move here, you can get more.”

Xia Xibei felt a little embarrassed by Liu Manhong’s warmth.

This was the first time they had met. Liu Manhong was so enthusiastic about the situation, it made her feel a little ashamed.

“The rent…”

“Don’t talk about rent!” Liu Manhong interrupted her. “You have seen how many homes I have here. If you lived here, they wouldn’t be wasted.”

She had rented these homes out before, but some of the tenants were worrisome, so she let them go. As a result, the homes had been empty for a few years.

“If no one lives here, it’ll get old! Besides, you can hang out with me, or walk King Chu. I’ll consider that your rent.”

Xia Xibei could only nod upon seeing Liu Manhong’s insistence.

It was the same saying as before: as long as she could repay the favor, she wouldn’t be afraid of accepting the favor.

“OK. Thank you for going through so much trouble!”

“It’s no trouble!”

“Bark, bark, bark!”

King Chu understood their conversation and quickly became excited. Shouting with joy, his tail shot up, as if reaching for the sky.

If Xia Xibei lived here, then he would be able to see this beautiful young lady all the time! The idea was better than a dream!

“Great! When I’m ready, I will move in,” Xia Xibei said.

“Let me get some help for you,” Qiao Yanjue offered.

“OK. Thanks, big brother.”

Hearing Xia Xibei willingly call him big brother, Qiao Yanjue felt as if his heart was filled with cotton candy: soft and sweet.

“You’re welcome. I’m your big brother now.”

Xia Xibei’s mood was hard to decipher.

Who would have thought that the two of them would have such a relationship now?

If someone had told her this before today, she would definitely argue with them.

It was too ridiculous!

But now, something ridiculous had happened, and it felt… Well, she didn’t feel repulsed by it, at the very least.

Today, she had just wanted to come visit Liu Manhong and thank her. She didn’t expect it to go like this.

She was going to live here…

What a magical development!

Before she could speak, Qiao Yanjue opened his mouth.

“Sister Hong, I will stay in G City for a while, so I plan to live there for a bit,” he said, pointing to the home next to Xia Xibei’s.

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