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Chapter 180: Pleading for Xia Shahai

Xia Shahai knew what Xia Xibei was really like, but the others didn’t!

Everybody felt that Xia Xibei was too kind!

Despite how Xia Shahai had treated her, she was still pleading for mercy on his behalf!

“Xia Xibei, although you did save my life, you can’t waste my gratitude like this, right?”

Qiao Yanjue’s words silenced everyone.

Xia Xibei was his savior?!

Everyone finally understood how this matter had caught the attention of Qiao Yanjue.

The Qiao Family Group had so many subsidiaries, and this company wasn’t very large, so the problem wasn’t worthy of him coming in person to deal with it.

It was because Xia Xibei had saved him that he was supporting her!

“I know,” Xia Xibei sighed. “I didn’t want you to repay me, but he did give me life, after all…”

“Don’t forget, what he has committed is not trivial!” Qiao Yanjue interrupted her. “Murder for hire, embezzling public funds… Even if we don’t sue him, he won’t be fine.”

Other people couldn’t help but nod.

Xia Shahai had made a lot of mistakes this time!

“I didn’t hire someone to kill her!” Xia Shahai shouted anxiously.

If his company didn’t sue him, the murder-for-hire was all done by Liu Lixin! It had nothing to do with him!

At best, he simply didn’t report it, and that held a much lighter sentence than actually committing the crime itself.

Liu Lixin looked at him incredulously. How could he be so heartless?

Xia Shahai whispered, “If both of us end up in jail, what will happen to our kids?!”

Speaking of their children, Liu Lixin’s heart suddenly sank.

Yes, how sad would their children be if both of their parents ended up in jail?

They would be looked down by people.

With that thought in mind, Liu Lixin made a decision.

“I did what I did before, and he didn’t know about it. After he found out, it was all done.”

“Okay, you can tell the police about that.” Qiao Yanjue glanced at them impatiently. “I’m not done talking yet.”

Then, he looked at Xia Xibei again with a serious face.

“Do you really want to plead mercy for him?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded. “After all, he did give me a lot. This is how I plan to pay him back!”

“This…” Qiao Yanjue pondered over it for a moment before finally nodding, “Fine, I will give you this favor. I will not pursue the previous matter.”

Xia Shahai was overjoyed. As long as it wasn’t pursued, he would be fine.

“But…” Qiao Yanjue hadn’t finished speaking. “The company can’t tolerate you anymore.”

Xia Shahai’s face became pale.

He was in his 40’s, and his family had a mortgage and car loan. If he didn’t have this well-paying job, his family would starve!

Qiao Yanjue’s cold gaze stopped him from making any reply.

Instead, he reacted very quickly.

He was already very fortunate that Qiao Yanjue didn’t care about the previous matter, so how could he be so greedy and ask for more?!

“Mr. Qiao, thank you for your generosity and understanding!” Xia Xibei stood up and thanked him earnestly.

“Old Xia, your daughter is such a good kid! But you…” Boss Peng sighed and shook his head.

Other people also scolded Xia Shahai with their gazes.

How could a scumbag like him raise such a kind daughter!

“Little Bei, I…” Xia Shahai wanted to say something but was interrupted by Xia Xibei.

“Well, this is the last thing I can do for you,” she said with a slight smile. “From now on, we’re done!”

Xia Shahai’s eyes widened, and before he could say anything, Qiao Yanjue spoke up once again.

“There is another thing…”

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