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Chapter 163: Two People’s End

Song Jiaren also heard that Yang Xuan’s parents had almost spilled blood in the office yesterday.

In their view, the money Yang Xuan had borrowed from Xia Xibei before was all spent on Jin Yazhen.

This time, it was once again because of Jin Yazhen that Yang Xuan was implicated. It was so serious that he was about to be expelled, so they were livid.

If the school had not prepared and didn’t have a few security guards around, there might have been a death at the scene!

Although Jin Yazhen was rescued, Yang Xuan’s parents vowed to be enemies with her forever!

They didn’t dare to do anything to Brother Liang, even if he was the one who exposed everything.

But the instigator of this incident was Jin Yazhen, and she was responsible for all of it!

Brother Liang’s social status was much higher than theirs and he had more money, so they couldn’t do anything to him.

Therefore, they vented all their anger out on Jin Yazhen.

Jin Yazhen’s parents also hated their embarrassing daughter, almost not coming forward to save her.

The school leaders were very annoyed with this farce, as it took a lot of effort to send them away.

After that, Song Jiaren heard that Yang Xuan’s parents came back to help him with the school transfer.

As for Jin Yazhen, her parents just had her drop out.

The Jin family hadn’t wanted Jin Yazhen to go to school anyway. She had to fight for the opportunity to do so.

But this time, things got too out of hand and the situation was far too embarrassing. It was absolutely impossible for the Jin family to let her stay at school.

It took a long time before anyone knew that Jin Yazhen, who had dropped out of school, had run away from home. No one knew where she went.

By then, people had forgotten about her.

Yang Xuan’s situation wasn’t good either.

Brother Liang couldn’t find Jin Yazhen, so he vented all of his anger out on Yang Xuan.

Even though Yang Xuan transferred to another school, within a week, that school would learn about his past history in cheating.

Due to this, Yang Xuan was miserable, and very few people dared to become friends with him.

When it was time for the college entrance examinations, people heard that he couldn’t get into even the worst college.

Of course, this happened much later on.

After confirming that Jin Yazhen and Yang Xuan had dropped out of school, Song Jiaren was extremely happy. Even the air in the school seemed much fresher.

As for the “initiator” of all these things, she was very calm. After all, torturing these creeps was only a matter of leisure. Her focus was still on her own development.

On Tuesday afternoon, Xia Xibei received a call from Pan Yan, who sounded a little excited on the phone.

“That Cute Pet Goddess online is you, right?”

“Cute Pet Goddess?” Xia Xibei was confused. What was this?

It sounded… Awkward.

“Isn’t there a video on the Internet? There is a cat and a dog in it. They all listen to you, so everyone’s calling you the Cute Pet Goddess.”

This explanation made Xia Xibei’s mouth twitch.

The title was really simple and crude.

“If you’re talking about that video, yes, it’s me.”

“I knew it was you!” Pan Yan exclaimed. “Your video went viral!”


This comment by Pan Yan was different from anything said by Song Jiaren, no matter how similar. It held more weight.

Pan Yan was an experienced agent, with a different sensitivity to the entertainment industry.

Moreover, he looked for her because of this video.

He was aware that, if managed properly, Xia Xibei could become famous from this!

So, he had called her.

“Can you meet me in the afternoon, after class?” Pan Yan asked. “Let’s talk.”

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