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Chapter 162: All Expelled

After the dean took the three of them away, the crowd was in uproar.

“My god! What an eye-opener! I thought these types of things only happened on TV!”

“This girl… Didn’t she only just apologize last week? Why do these things keep happening?”

“She doesn’t look very poor! Why is she selling herself?”

“You’re thinking too much into it. Neither of her parents has a formal job and their income is very low. I was wondering why she ate and dressed better than us. I just thought she was being helped by Yang Xuan. Who knew there was more to it?!”

“It’s scary!”

“It’s disgusting, okay?”

Some people were also interested in Yang Xuan’s affairs. They looked at Song Jiaren’s expression, made sure she would not be angry, then went towards her.

“You mean Yang Xuan? He did want to chase me before, but when I found out that he was two-timing me, I beat him up. Then I had nothing to do with him.” Song Jiaren sneered, “I didn’t expect that he would cuckold others, though. He really is a creep! Nothing is too low for him to do!”

“That’s right! This kind of person is too disgusting! He and Jin Yazhen are indeed a perfect pair; they are both so shameless!”

Listening to everyone’s condemnation of the two, Song Jiaren’s smile became brighter.

She was still trying to teach them a lesson that they would never forget. Unexpectedly, Brother Liang did it first, so they got off easy!

Song Jiaren was very curious, wondering how the school would deal with them?

She heard the details the next day.

Jin Yazhen was the most affected by this incident.

After doing this kind of thing, if she stayed in school, it would affect other students.

After the previous incident, and more drama now, who knew what would happen in a few days?

Therefore, the principal and the dean made up their minds. They had Jin Yazhen’s parents come, told them what happened, and made her drop out.

When Jin Yazhen’s parents learned that their daughter had done such a shameless thing, they were furious, starting to fight in the office.

Had it not been due to help from the teachers, Jin Yazhen might have been killed on the spot.

As for Yang Xuan, he argued that when he was with Jin Yazhen, he didn’t know that she was with other people, so he was also a victim.

However, they were dating, which the school did not allow, and it also caused all these consequences, so the school gave him a major warning.

As for Brother Liang, what he did was not serious. He just gave Yang Xuan a few punches, none of which were very severe. After the police were called, he was seriously lectured and made to pay Yang Xuan a few hundred yuan in medical expenses. They also forbade him from coming to the school again.

Brother Liang was not very satisfied with this resolution.

It was good that Jin Yazhen was expelled, but why was Yang Xuan still at school?

Therefore, he quickly came up with proof that Yang Xuan had two-timed several people.

No one knew how Brother Liang got the evidence, but it was solid.

What Yang Xuan had committed was too much. He was a disaster!

After the school leaders discussed everything, they decided to expel Yang Xuan too.

Brother Liang was happy about this outcome.

He wouldn’t rest until these two b*tches were expelled.

Of course, even after they were expelled, it would still not be over!

He had made his plans.

Even if Yang Xuan and Jin Yazhen were to transfer to other schools, he would make sure they couldn’t stay there either!

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